I began my golf improvement journey in 2014 in my garage. Just like you I was determined to improve my golf game but did not have the time, money or knowledge to get it done. I was not long off the tee and had a mean slice with my irons. I was your average golfer but knew I had the potential to break 80. My background as teacher and high school coach gave me confidence that i could learn to play better but I needed a plan. The plan started with the Optishot Golf Simulator my wife purchased for me for Christmas. Once I got that system my obsession took off. I built a budget simulator (my first true home project) and started researching (I am a teacher remember) how to break 80. Focusing solely on my iron accuracy, I soon turned my slice into a slight draw. I was a consistent shot maker. In fact in the last 3 tournaments i have played I won a closest to the pin in 2 of them (hitting to within 6 feet).  The Optishot changed my game and I feel I am ready to share some of my breakthroughs with others.


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