Golf All Year Swing Challenge

The Best Way To Work On Your Swing

When I first started my journey to break 80, I had a difficult time getting motivated to practice. Practice is difficult in any sport let alone one that requires so much perfection as golf. It is called a "good walk spoiled" for a is involves practice. 

That is why this page exists. I want to propose some challenges each week that as an average golfer, you can do...have fun AND get better. These are drills from top instructors and I have used personally to get better. Each challenge will be based on the Optishot (any golf simulator), a driving range or putting green. I will try to keep them easy to do, fun but difficult to master. Try to earn each badge as you work for improving your swing. Most of all have ENJOY THE PROCESS OF GETTING BETTER. 

What:   Weekly Swing Challenge
Where:   At Home On Optishot, Driving Range or Putting Green
How:   Follow the steps of the challenge and earn your badge

Challenge #1 

The Perfect Swing (Pre/Post Test)
Instructions: Take 18 swings with a club of your choice.  Keep track of the number of swings that are "Perfect Swings (Center, Open 2.0 Less, Inside/Out Path). 
Purpose:  To get a baseline score to gauge our improvement. Use this test anytime we want to see how we are progressing.

Challenge #2

Toes Together Tempo 
Instructions:  With your feet together...take 18 swings with a club of your choice and maintain your balance! How many shots can you hit in a row with the same tempo?
Purpose:  Tempo is key to a good consistent swing. Our tempo needs to be consistent in terms of our backswing speed compared to our downswing speed. It should be close to a 3 to 1 ratio.  Our tempo should be a consistent 3 to 1 (1.1 on Optishot) ratio with your driver,  2.8 to 1 (.9 on Optishot) with long irons and 2.6 to 1 (.8 on Optishot) with short irons. See an explanation here.
To work on our tempo we need to make sure we are on balance. Therefore, attempting to keep our feet together and swing we are forced to be on balance and can focus on getting a consistent tempo.

Challenge #3

Contact  Commander
Instructions:  Take 18 full swings with a club of your choice. How many shots can you hit in a row with that are in the "Center" of the club?
Purpose:  The best way to hit the ball long and straight is to hit the ball in the center of the club..."the sweet spot".  By hitting it the center of the club we get the most out of our club head speed and have better chance of improving our swing.  The top pros almost always hit it on the sweet spot. Lets see how well we hit the center of the club in the "Contact Commander Challenge".
Video Coming Soon!

Challenge #4

Mac O'Grady Ground Drill
Instructions:  Take 18 full swings with an iron.  Draw a line on the ground where your ball would be located. Without a ball, try to hit the ground in front of the line. How many times in a row can you hit the ground in front of the line?
Purpose:  Good ball striking starts with good consistent contact. You should be hitting the ball first. All good ball strikers will hit the ball first and create a divot in front of the ball. This drill tests how well you strike the ball. Mac O'Grady hit 17 in a many in a row can you be a perfect ball striker?

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