10 Reasons why you need a golf simulator

So you are now on the fence…Should I buy a home golf simulator?  The answer is “Yes”. Simulators are no longer just an expensive way to play a golf video game. With the addition of new technology, equipment and software these have many uses beyond just the video game world. If you are still undecided take a look at the list I compiled of top reasons why you need a golf simulator.


#1 To improve your swing

Nothing works your swing better than being able to hit golf balls 365 days a year. No more having to drive to the range to get in your practice sessions. You will be able to actually take full swings at real golf balls with all your clubs. Being able to play at golf home will change the way you look at practice.

#2 Don’t like playing in the rain

Playing golf in bad weather just sucks. Your hands slip off the club, Your ball doesn’t roll, and unless you pay for expensive gear you get sopping wet. Yuck. If you live in a place like I do (Seattle) it rains a ton, therefore I need somewhere to play 18 holes…introduce the golf simulator and problem solved.

#3 Want to save time

Walk to your golf room hit 100 real balls then play 18 holes on a premier course all within 2 hours or so. The golf simulator is a time saver. No more driving all the way to the range to hit balls. Besides the fact that you can play a full round in less time, you can work on your irons by playing a par 3 course (my favorite) in under 30 minutes. If your time to golf is limited then a simulator is a must.

#4 Love Swing Stats

Smash factor…spin axis…clubface angle…swing speed. If you know what any of those are then you are ready for a golf simulator. The swing stats that these systems track is incredible. Find ways to improve by combing over the numbers and looking for weaknesses in your game. Endless golf stats to keep any good golfer happy.

#5 Conversation Starter

The golf simulator WILL impress your friends and is a good way to start-up a conversion. Most people do not know that you can have a simulator that actually allows you hit real golf balls on real courses. I have had more conversations about my golf simulator and how it works then any other. Run out of things to say…try this one “I am going to head home to hit some balls on my simulator”. I guarantee it will get them talking.

#6 Kids

What better way to introduce your kids to the life long sport of golf then through a virtual world. If you have kids, a golf simulator is a must. They can practice without fear of slowing other golfers down. You can tailor the game so that they hit at shorter distances or even give their swing a “boost”. My kids and their friends love hitting on the simulator as there is no pressure and it is like a video game. Yes! In fact, my son loves to just see how far he can hit it and then try to beat his record each time.

No Thanks!!

#7 To Compete

Would you like to test your golf skill against other players across the world? Most simulators have some sort of online play feature that allows you to play 18 holes with other golfers. Many have tournaments that you can play in for prizes or prestige. Optishot for example has a mini and pro tour which has tournaments and closest to pin contests each month. Leagues are also forming around golf simulators and are another fun ways to compete. Put your golf under pressure.

#8  Need an Escape

It is like having a private membership to the greatest courses and practice facilities in the world. If you need to escape the everyday routine of life or get away from the family for bit then the golf simulator provides that time. Put a coach,  TV with Fire Stick, and frig in your simulator room and escape into your own golf paradise.

#9 Like to Build

I am not a DIY type person, in fact my golf simulator room was my first real “build it” project that I ever completed. It wasn’t perfect but it was my own work. If you like to build things then creating a golf cave will become your passion. So many different ways to do it and make it your own.

#10 Love Golf

Do you truly love golf?


Build your golf simulator from scratch with our 5 easy steps.

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