3 Easy Drills I’m Using For A Consistent Golf Impact Position

This week’s focus is on my golf impact position. I have been able to get my swing consistently on a straight or inside swing path so now I want to focus on my impact position. I need to be more consistent with my ball striking as I have fluctuated between a closed and open clubface angle over the past month. My goal is to be able to hit more greens and in order to do that I better have a good golf impact position. This week I am going to try 3 impact drills that hopefully will help me hit the ball solidly.

Below are 4 easy to do drills to improve my ball striking:

Golf Impact Position Drills

Drill #1 -2 x 4

This drill is from Peter Kostis helps give the feeling of the exact moment of impact. The “2 x 4” drill starts after the downswing has already been made and the ball is making contact with the ball. It is important to get the feeling of the shaft of the club leaning forward at impact. By pressing the clubface against the 2 x 4 it will help get the proper golf impact position. This will help hit it solidly.

To do this drill, get a 2 x 4 or something solid. Simply go right to the impact position and press the club against the board. Get the feeling of the forward press of the shaft and then line up over the ball and hit it remembering the feeling at impact.  

Drill #2 – 9 To 3

This is favorite drill of top 50 instructor Sean Foley. He uses this drill for all levels of golfers to help get the feeling of the club moving through impact. All great ball strikers are very similar in their swings from hip high to hip high. This drill focuses on that 9 to 3 o’clock position of the swing and will help get more consistent impact.

To do this drill, take a normal address and swing back to the halfway or hands at 9 o’clock position. Swing through the golf impact position and get taller reaching the hands to 3 o’clock. At this position you should be holding the impact position and arms should be straight. 

Drill #3 – Belt Drill

I love this drill as it works a very tight right arm which all great ball strikers have. The “belt drill” helps getting the body turning and the right arm bent and tight at impact. This is great for getting power and consistency in the swing.

To do this drill, you will need a belt. Tighten the belt around your waist and slide your right arm inside the belt. Take a half backswing and hit the ball. The right arm will stay close and on plane, improving the impact position. This drill will take practice but is help you hit the ball better. 

Check out more drills you can do at home HERE.

If you have a great impact drill don’t forget to submit it. I am always looking for ways to improve.

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