3 Iron Accuracy Drills to spice up your practice sessions


“We talking about practice…not a game…practice!” I have said those words so many times as I am working my way through my 50 best golf drills. I’m tired of practicing. I vowed to hit 100 balls a day but thinking about it made me cringe so I changed it to 50 a day. Like Allen Iverson in the video, practice is not what I want to be doing, it’s the games that I want to focus on. I know I need to work on iron accuracy drills but sometimes I just need a break and play a game.

As a father with a family, I find it better to spend an hour playing at home then to spending 5 hours on a golf course. So Below are three of my favorite ways to take a break from practice while still working on my iron accuracy.

Iron Accuracy Games

Drill #1 Bread Crumb

This a great game that is played by tour pro Jordan Spieth and his golf coach Cameron McCormick. In Bread Crumb you will use your most lofted club (but you can choose any club) and pick 2 targets 60 yards apart. The goal is to see how many consecutive shots you can hit within the two targets that go farther than the previous one. This game really works on your iron accuracy and developing a feel for the speed of your club.

Drill #2  Same Point

This drill by Pia Nilsson has you work on your tempo. Start by hitting a 9 iron with a 100% full swing. Mark down how far that shot went. Now, using 8 iron try to hit it the exact same distance without shortening your swing, just change the tempo. Then do the same with your 7 iron, then 6 iron etc. Keep track of the number of times you hit the same spot. You will really get a feel for your swing.

Drill #3 – 9 Shot

This game is one that Tiger Woods has done that will really works on your shot making. This game puts pressure on you as you focus on your “go to shot” and others.

Your goal is to hit 9 different shots with your 6 iron:

  1. Hook – Low, Medium, High

  2. Fade – Low, Medium, High

  3. Straight – Low, Medium, High

Johnny Miller claims you will become a better a golfer if you practice this drill. If you can get 6 out 9 you are doing really well.

In conclusion, if you practice these 3 iron accuracy games you will be sure to improve but you will also have some fun competing.

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