3 More Inside-Out Swing Path Drills I Am Trying To Help Me Break 80

Last week was such an up and down week that I really didn’t feel very good about my swing. In fact, I was downright frustrated. It started out okay but soon turned into questioning what the heck I was doing. I ended up having broken tees all over my garage, missing almost every green and injuring my wrist. My swing was off and my club did not move consistently on an inside-out swing path. My swing just felt out of sync. After, taking a day off and thinking about my swing, I decided I wanted to devote more time to getting a swing path that I could count on. So, this next week I will be trying 3 more inside-out swing path drills in my Break 80 Challenge. Each day I will hit 50 balls (25 with 9 iron and 25 with 4 iron) alternating the 3 drills during the week.

Inside-Out Swing Path

Drill #1 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Besides having a great drill name, top 50 instructor Jim Hallet recommends splitting the hands on the club to get an inside-out swing path. By splitting the hands I will be able to work on the correct feeling of an inside path. The hands and club have to work correctly or I will completely miss the ball. This drill will also help with getting my hands square at impact as this has been a problem lately.

Drill #2 – Figure 8

This is one of my favorite inside-out swing path drills. I used this drill about 20 years ago when I was much younger to get rid of my slice. I have no idea why I stopped using it as it really gets the club in the correct position. The exaggerated figure 8 movement is key to getting the club in the right position. I will be using a small cone to complete this drill.

Drill #3 – Two Ball Drill

This drill is one that I am glad I have side nets in my golf simulator room. By setting up on the outside ball and then hitting the inside ball, I will have no choice but to get the club on an inside-out swing path. This drill may be one of the most difficult to pull off but I am overall I am hoping it will help me focus and will get my club in the right spot.


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