4-Day Golf Practice Routine For Improving Your Game

Practice! As I got back to using my Optishot this fall, I began to notice that my swing was nowhere near where I wanted it to be. My iron accuracy was awful. I was slicing the ball and missing too many greens. What I needed was a great golf practice routine. It couldn’t be just any golf practice routine though, it had to keep me interested. It had to have a scoring element so that I could compare one week’s scores to the next weeks. My improvement needed to be measurable. That is why I came up with this 4-Day Golf Practice Routine that I am using to try to break 80.

The 4-Day Golf Practice Routine

What is it?

This practice plan was developed to be used with the Optishot golf simulator but can be adapted to any simulator. The golf practice routine will be a total of 4 days a week with Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday’s off and take approximately an hour to complete. It consists of a two competitive golf drills (Skills Assessment and Target Practice) plus two rounds on a course (Par 3 round and 18 Holes) during the week. Each day your score should be recorded so you can measure your improvement. MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday Skills AssessmentOFFTarget PracticeOFFPar 3 Course18 HolesOFF


Skills Assessment

The Skills Assessment is a great starting point for improvement. This drill will give you an idea of how accurate you are with your irons. Similar to the Trakman Combine, the Optishot Skills Assessment has you hit 6 balls to nine different distances (60,70,80,90,100,120,140,160,180) and gives you a score for how accurate you are.

How to do it

  1. Go to the Skills Assessment web app HERE

  2. Set up your Optishot driving range to the distance of 60 yards

  3. Hit 6 balls to this distance and record your scores on the Skill Assessment web page.

  4. You will get a score for this distance.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each of the eight other distances.

  6. When finished…you will get a score for each distance as well as an overall score.

  7. Try to beat each score each time you do the assessment.

The Skills Assessment will give you a great idea which distances you are accurate with and which you need to work on. Use this information to improve.


Target Practice

The next practice day in this golf practice routine is going to focus on one of the distances you feel you need to work on. Using the scores from the Skills Assessment drill, pick one distance that you want to work on and improve your accuracy. Use this distance as the basis for your Target Practice.

How to do it

  1. Pick a distance you want to work on based on the Iron Skills Assessment you did previously.

  2. Using the Pin Point Driving Range on the Optishot, hit  25 balls to the green.

  3. Attempt to get the ball inside 15 feet (white circle on the green)

  4. Optishot will keep track of the number inside 15 feet in the lower left corner, make sure to record this score.

  5. Pick another distance to hit from and repeat.

This target practice drill will help your iron accuracy and focus on the distance you need most improvement. Pros from 100 – 125 yards will average about 15 feet from the pin over the course of the season so this is a great goal for us. Use this day to focus on what you need to get better.


Par 3 Course

If you are like me then Friday is a day to mix things up a bit. That is why I see how well I have improved my iron play by hitting the Par 3 course. In Optishot it is easy to set up my tees to all par 3 holes. Depending on which course you choose to play the holes range from about 100 yards to 180 yards, the same distances our golf practice routine works on.


18 Hole Course

By the weekend it is now time to put our drills to test. This day, pick any course on Optishot (or play a real course) and play 18 holes. Keep track of your score. If you have an official handicap, record it there otherwise you can record it on Golf Digest’s handicap page and get a free handicap. By getting a handicap you can track your improvement over the course of doing our golf practice routine.

Tracking Progress

It is very important to keep track of your progress over the course of at least a month or so. Watch as your scores and handicap improve. You can track your progress using the golf practice routine scorecard below or create your own. Have fun getting better.

Golf Practice Routine Scorecard


Test your skills with our Iron Accuracy Challenge. Hit 6 shots at 10 different distances and get your consistency score.

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