4 Golf Release Drills Im Using To Get Rid Of The Nasty Duck Hook

Remember the old saying “Be careful what you wish for” because it may come true. For the past twenty plus years I have hit a moderate slice in golf. In fact, I became very good at hitting a slice and began calling it a “fade” as it sounded better. I had always wished that I could hit a nice little draw with slightly closed clubface. Well, over the course of the past 2 months as I have been on quest to break 80, I have gradually moved my slightly open clubface to an overly closed clubface. Even though I tried a few golf release drills a month ago, my clubface has moved more and more closed at impact. My goal this week is to try to get my clubface more square and under 2 degrees closed. Hopefully, at the end of the week I will have fewer than 10% of my shots will be hit with a clubface more than 2 degrees closed at impact.  I have chosen 4 golf release drills to try to accomplish.

Golf Release Drills

Drill #1 – Hit And Hold (Mac O’Grady)

This drill is one that Top Teacher Mac O’Grady uses during his practice sessions to get a perfect release. Basically, you are trying to hit a shot and hold making sure you have a great release and finish. I think this drill will help me get the clubface pointing towards the sky instead of rolling my hands and arms over too much. A couple of keys I will need to look for are transferring my weight onto my front foot, getting my hands forward at impact and finishing without rolling hands/arms over.

To do this drill, simply take a backswing and hit the ball. Hold your finish with hands high. It is similar to the 9 to 3 drill I discussed last week but with a full backswing.

Drill #2 –  45˚ Anti-Duck (Jim McLean)

This is a very interesting drill from Jim McLean’s “Ultimate Drill Book”. McLean is a top instructor and I had a good experience with his Slap Hand drill so I thought I would give it a try. This is one of the golf release drills meant to improve a faulty inside path and early release. It should help me stop flipping the clubface closed at impact.

To do this drill, take a 7 iron and set up with your back foot turned 45 degrees away from you. Position the ball well forward and take some slow swings. Let shoulder and lower body swing the club. Next more to a 5 iron and then try to hit some fades. 

Drill #3 – 2 Club (Andy Proudman)

The 2 Club drill could be one of the most difficult golf impact drills to pull off. It takes some strength in the arms and hands but can really pay off if done right. This drill is meant to help stop an early release of the golf club or losing the proper angles on the downswing. The early release can cause loss of power and an over the top swing. This drill will help you get the feeling of the proper release of the club.

To do this drill, take a golf club in each hand and square up the faces and shafts. You will now just swing both clubs back and through making sure to keep the clubs the same distance and on the same line as each other. The clubs should not come apart. Hold the angles in your swing until impact. If one club releases early that can be a sign of an improper release. 

Drill #4 – Smash Bag (Ryan Benzel)

This impact drill is a favorite of mine because it comes from a teaching professional from my hometown.  It is simple to do and I really think it can help my swing. One of the main causes of a duck hook Many of the golf impact drills will focus on the hands in the release but this one looks at the swing path. I have been working really hard to get an inside path and it may be a reason for my snap hook.

To do this drill, get a smash bag or bucket and place it just inside the ball about 3 inches from the shaft and off your right foot. Now, take a swing avoiding the bag or bucket on the downswing. This will help straighten out the swing path.

Overall, through using these 4 golf impact drill I hope to get a proper release of the golf club and avoid the duck hook. I will be using these drill at home on my Optishot Golf Simulator.

For more drills to do at home, check out our drill page HERE.

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