4 Reasons To Upgrade To The Thicker Optishot 2 Turf

YUCK!!…those mats at the driving range just drive me nuts. I could never get a solid strike with the hard surface mats they use so I felt like I have wasted my time hitting. It spoiled my trips to the range. When I got my simulator I felt the same way with the Optishot 2 turf that comes with the system. It was thin, hard and did not give me the real grass feel that I got on the course. My club would bounce off the turf (breaking the simulator twice) and I could never strike the ball cleanly. As a result, I never improved. That is when I discovered the extra thick Optishot 2 turf. What a world of difference this thicker turf made in my game.

Why Upgrade The Optishot 2 Turf?

4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Turf Top

Optishot 2 Turf Upgrade

#1 Feel

One of the things I have stopped doing at the driving range is hitting off the mats. The mats at the driving range are razor-thin, worn down and hard. The Optishot 2 turf that comes with the system is no different. When I begin hitting my 5,000 balls with the Optishot simulator, the first thing I noticed was the turf. I hated the feel of the hard and thin surface. It was nowhere close to the feel you get when make clean contact off grass. The old Optishot turf is less than an inch thick which does not provide the needed bounce you want. One of the most important aspects of golf practice is being able to feel like you are on the course, hitting off real grass.

“Thin Old Turf”


“Thicker Optishot 2 Turf”

The old turf does not feel like hitting off real grass, it feels like hitting off a mat at the range. If you like the feel of hitting off real grass then you must upgrade to the thicker Optishot 2 turf.

#2 Fat and Thin

When practicing my golf swing I like to be able to tell when i take a big divots or hit it cleanly. It is crucial to know if the shot is fat or thin. If you are using parts of the Stack and Tilt swing like me then this is a must when using their Fault Tree. I need to be able to tell a thin shot from a fat shot. That is why the thicker turf is a great investment. With this turf you will be able to feel a fat or thin shot and can make the proper adjustments to your swing.

“Get the feel of real grass”

#3 Tee It Up

The turf that came with the simulator also comes with a tee. This tee is just like a tee you would find at the range, plastic and flimsy. Would you ever use this type of tee on the course? No way! In order to get the best out of your practice it needs to simulate a real round. The thicker Optishot 2 turf does this, as you can place real tees into the turf (it is that thick). If you want to hit a driver off a tee then you must upgrade your turf.

“Place an actual tee in the turf”

#4 Protection

A broken simulator is not good for your golf game. For the first year, I used the old turf that came with the simulator. Bad idea! My Optishot cracked…not once but TWICE. The turf gave little protection to the simulator. It does not cover the back or the sensor very well. Trust me if you break your simulator you will not be practicing (Optishot was great in replacing the simulator but it took months to get it done). The XL Optishot 2 turf protects your sensors. It extends 4 inches beyond the front sensors so you can actually hit down on the ball (like you are supposed to) and not break your sensors.

“Sensors are protected”

Buy The Optishot 2 Turf

This Optishot 2 turf top is a huge improvement and needed upgrade.

Here is why:

1 1/2 inches thick

Covers all the sensors

Protects the back of the simulator

Real tees can go into the turf top

Easily installed (velcro)

*Note: With the thicker turf your Optishot will be at a height over 2 inches.

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