4 Stack and Tilt Drills To Help Improve Your Iron Accuracy

Hit the ground in the same spot every time, enough power to play the course and controlling the shot direction. Those are the fundamentals of the Stack and Tilt golf swing. If you are looking to improve your iron accuracy, then Stack and Tilt is the swing for you. By practicing a few of the Stack and Tilt drills, you will be able to stay centered over the ball, get an inside to out swing path and hit a nice little draw. For the average golfer the system is a game changer. Not only is it easy to use but provides a systematic approach to the swing. The system has many great drills to improve your iron accuracy and in this post I will discuss the top four. With these 3 Stack and Tilt drills, the average golfer will become a better ball striker.

Example of great ball striking

Stack and Tilt Drills

For Iron Accuracy

Drill #1 – Low Point

Concept: Hit the ground in front of the ball

This is one of the most important Stack and Tilt drills that you can practice at home. Hitting the same spot in front of the ball is what separates good ball strikers from average ones. This drill will help hone in your iron accuracy by keeping the weight forward and trying to hit the same spot on the ground. This should be the first drill that you do if you are trying out any of the Stack and Tilt drills.

Drill #2 – Weight Forward

Concept: Weight on front foot

Keeping your weight forward is one of the cornerstones of a good swing. Those that have their weight back on the downswing will tend to come over the top and will not be able to hit in front of the ball. These golfers tend to slice the ball and lack consistency. By placing a golf club under the back foot is a great way to make sure you are transferring your weight correctly and getting onto your front foot at impact.

Other tools you could use for this drill would be the Weight Wedge  or the Callaway Power Platform

Drill #3 – Tees Under

Concept: Hands on inside to out path

This is probably my favorite of 4 Stack and Tilt drills in this post. I try to use it every time I practice. This drill is very simple and will get your hands to work on an inside path. By placing tees under your arm pit as you swing, you force your hands inside. In addition it will produce a flat inside swing plane and help you develop a draw. Do this Stack and Tilt drill during each practice session and you will improve your iron accuracy in no time.

In addition, try a similar drill to improve your swing path called the belt drill. 

Drill #4 – Head On Wall

Concept: Staying centered

One of the basic concepts that I love about the Stack and Tilt system is the idea of staying centered over the ball. Many conventional golf swings talk about moving from front to back foot on the backswing. For the average golfer, this makes them sway and move their head off the ball. In addition, moving your weight back puts added importance on timing to be consistent. Therefore, most of the Stack and Tilt drills focus on staying centered and getting rid of movement.

Less movement = A repeatable swing

The Wall drill is very simple and can be done anywhere.  A tree or wall can be used to practice this drill if don’t have a partner.


Anyone can improve by being more centered and making sure to transfer weight onto the front foot. These Stack and Tilt drills can help any handicap golfer become a better ball striker. Furthermore you will find that these drills are simple, based on solid golf fundamentals and can be added to any home or range practice session. Try them out and let me know what you think.

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