5 Best Golf Swing Drills For 2018

Spring is finally here (though it continues to rain) and I am ready to try my new golf swing on the course. My swing is far from perfect but after 3 months of home golf swing drills I am ready for golf season to start. Without ever taking a golf lesson, I have built a swing from golf swing drills found on the internet. There are millions of golf drills out there (in fact, a search of google returned 24 million results) and so for the average golfer it is important to choose the right ones to practice. My compilation of the “top 50+” list is a great place to start but even that takes time. So which golf swing drills do I think helped the most? Which should the average golfer use to build their swing at home?

Here is my list of my favorite golf swing drills that you can do at home.

Top 5 Golf Swing Drills

Start With Balance

The golfing world is enamored with the long ball. Swing as hard as you can so you can hit it far. The problem is that this is not a way to build a swing. This lesson became very clear watching beginning golfers. Average golfers have this same tendency. We tend to try to over swing and make the golf ball go far instead of letting our swing do the work. When we over-swing, we get off-balance and lose control of the ball. We lose our consistency. Being on balance is the key to this consistency and “critical to good ball striking”.

If you want to improve you have to start building a swing from the ground up. Practice drills that help with balance and move on from there. One of my favorite home golf swing drills comes from top instructor Todd Anderson. It is very simple to do and can even be included before every pre-shot routine.

Drill #1 – Feet Together

Perfect Your Downswing

It is argued that what you do on the backswing is not as important as what you do on the downswing. You will see players who take the club back many different ways. Some take it back slowly, some fast, some take it on an inside path, some are very steep like those using David Leadbetter’s the A-Swing.  It seems more like a matter of preference. One thing most top instructors agree upon though is that the downswing needs to be on same plane. This is one of the hardest thing for the average golfer but is so important. Having the swing be on plane on the downswing is the key to creating lag (keeping the angles in the swing for power) and consistency. No matter what you do on the backswing you need to make sure you practice your downswing correctly.

That is why I chose the following drill as one of my favorites. You can do this drill anywhere and it does a great job getting giving you feedback. I have been working on this golf swing drill at home as it pours rain outside.

Drill #2 – Diet Soda

Inside-Out Path

One of the most searched golf topics on the internet is “how to fix my slice”. So many average golfers slice the ball and have trouble with coming over the top. When I first began building my swing, my focus was on developing a slight draw. In order to get that done, I had to change the path of my swing. I began working on some of the swing path drills on this site. It takes time to change bad habits but I felt one swing path drill helped me move my swing from outside-in to inside-out. That drill was Monte Scheinblum’s 2 ball drill.

I warn you that this drill is not for the faint of heart because if you do it wrong broken windows in your home are not out of the realm. With that said, of all the golf drills that work on swing path, I feel this one is the best.

Drill #3 – 2 Ball

Shifting Weight For Power

I have struggled all my life hitting the ball farther. I am consistently 20-30 yards behind those I play with. My game relies on short irons and my short game which keeps my scores in the 80’s. Searching long and hard for the key to hitting the ball farther, I finally came to the conclusion that the transfer of weight in the downswing and using the ground to create force was major component. Just like most other sports, you need to shift your weight forward to develop power. This most clear after watching golf instructor Shawn Clement hit balls just as far OFF ONE LEG as with two. Incredible!

Shifting your weight is not as easy as it looks and in fact has been one of the most challenging things I have faced in improving my swing. But after practicing Shawn Clement’s one leg drill, I have a much better feeling of how to get it done. This is truly one of the great home practice drills. It is very simple and easy to do but will produce great results.

Drill #4 – One Leg

Impact and Release

The moment of truth. Most good ball strikers have the same position at impact. The right arm is connected to the body through the hitting area. With this position a golfer can use their knees, hips and body to power the swing. The good ball strikers are consistent at impact and release. This is something that must be practiced. Many average golfers have a poor release and get their hands disconnected. One of the best golf swing drills for getting a good position at impact uses a BELT. I found that this drill not only helped with my impact and release but also improved my swing path. An amazing drill to finish off a purposeful practice session.

Drill #5 – Belt

Other Resources

Those are my top 5 favorite golf swing drills for the average golfer. Without taking any lessons, I believe these five drills with help build a consistent swing that produces a ton of power.

Here are some of favorite drill books

For more resources check out our RESOURCE PAGE.

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