7 driver drills that will help you hit the ball longer

The average PGA pro drives the ball 289 yards off the tee while Dustin Johnson led all golfers in 2017 with a whopping 319 yard average drive. They have swing speeds in the 110-120 mph range. Those numbers are staggering. For most of us average golfers, we aspire to improve our distance off the tee. I know I will need to hit the ball further if I have any chance of completing my challenge of breaking 80 this year. Driver drills that focus on swing speed are key because they will not only help me hit it longer but will help me:

  1. Hit it from the rough

  2. Have shorter approach shots

  3. Reach par 5’s in two

  4. Have an advantage on longer courses

  5. Shape shots

I may not be able to hit it 289 yards or swing 120 mph but by doing these simple driver drills and training my body to withstand the higher swing speeds I should be able to hit it longer. I will be using some of these driver drills in my practice sessions.

Here are 6 drills to get more distance off the tee.

Driver Drills

Drill #1 – Step In Drill

This drill will help you get your weight into the ball and add some distance. Just like a good baseball player steps into the pitch to hit a homerun, a golfer needs to shift his weight into their swing. This drill gives you the feeling of the body leading your swing and your club following. This is an important concept to understand if trying to hit the ball farther.

To do this drill put your feet together and ball in front of your feet. Swing back and as you are going back, step forward with your front foot and continue your swing. This will get your body moving forward as the club is going back.

Drill #2 – Box Drill

Top instructor Chuck Cook has a great drill to teach the idea of torque. By developing torque you will be able to gain more swing speed and increase distance off the tee.

To do this you will need to turn your upper body while restricting your lower body turn. The drill Cook proposes is to place a box between your knees and take your swing without your knee hitting the box. This is great practice to limit lower body movement as you turn back.

Drill #3 – Baseball Swing Drill

David Leadbetter who wrote the A Swing, an alternative swing for the high handicapper, is a big proponent of using baseball to illustrate the proper swing path. A baseball swing helps you to avoid an outside to in swing plane thus increasing your power. This simple drills will get your body using the mechanics of a baseball swing. In addition, it will get your body turning better which will help you hit the ball longer.

To do this driver drill, just hold the club out in front of you chest high and take a baseball swing. Continue this swing 3 or 4 more times getting lower and lower until you hit the golf ball. Simple yet effective.

Drill #4 – Chair Drill

This driver drill from top golf coach Mike Malaska will help you swing around your center core and get you using your upper body more. By sitting in a chair, you can’t twist thus losing power.

To do this simple drill, get a chair and sit in it with your driver. Put your right foot back and take a swing but don’t lose contact with the chair. Very easy drill to do at home that will help you gain power of the tee.

Drill #5 – Towel Drill

How can flicking a towel help your golf swing? Craig Shankland discusses how to sequence your swing to get more power using a taped up towel. The towel will help you gain speed in your swing at just the right time.

To do this drill take electrical tape and tape up an old towel so that it is long like a club. Then start swinging. You will soon find that in order to swing it you will have to start with your lower body first. I truly love this drill to gain speed in your swing.

Drill #6 – Swoosh Drill

Grip pressure is important to any golf swing. If you want to get more swing speed you want a light grip so that your muscles don’t tense up. Tense muscles slow your swing down as Dr. Gary Wiren demonstrates in this video. He shows you how to do a simple “swoosh” drill with the club upside down.

To do this drill, you just turn the club over and begin swinging letting go with your right hand. You will soon see that you can swing much faster with this method. Practice making the swoosh sound with the club upside down with light grip pressure to increase swing speed.

Drill #7 – Reverse Step Drill

Correct weight shift is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing. A good swing must have a weight shift from your front foot to back foot and then back to your front foot on the downswing. Furthermore, with a proper shift you will gain the distance you desire.

To do this drill, start with a narrow stance and as you take your back swing step back with your right foot so your weight is now on your back foot. You now can drive down and swing through shifting your weight back to your front side.

Click here for more on this drill.

Every golfer would love to gain more distance off the tee and hit it longer. By doing these 7 driver drills and tracking your swing speed on a golf simulator you will surely gain power in your swing.

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