7 Golf Impact Drills That Will Square Your Clubface

Best Impact Drills

One of the hardest things to do in sports is to hit a golf ball straight. In order to hit the ball straight a golfer must bring the clubface back to the exact same position it started. Too open or too closed at impact causes spin on the ball and results in the dreaded “slice” or “hook”. Too many sliced drives or irons and the chance at 79 goes out the window. We have to square that clubface time and time again yet how many of us actually work on impact drills to perfect it?

Impact position is the key for me to play better golf and I am tracking my clubface angle of every swing I take. When I am doing the impact drills below the first thing I will look at is my face angle and try to make slight adjustments to my swing.

Below are some of my favorite golf impact drills:

Impact Drills

Drill #1 – 2 Tee

This drill is designed to help work on making great contact with the golf ball every time. Hank Haney talks about how hitting the ball in the center of the clubface is key to straight and long shots. Many golfers lose a ton of power and control by hitting the ball on the toe or heel of the club. This drill takes great focus and tons of practice but will in the long run will pay off with better shot making.

To do this drill, take your setup position. Now where the clubface sits on the ground, place one tee by the toe and one tee by the heel. Now, place the ball between the two tees and hit some shots. If you hit the inside tee you most likely hit it off the toe and if you hit the outside tee most likely the heel. This drill takes practice. I found myself destroying the tees (as you can see in the diagram below) before I really started to hit the ball flush in the center of my club.

Drill #2 – 3 Ball

The 3 ball drill is a favorite of top instructors Bill and Craig Harmon. This drill works to help get the club moving through the impact position of the shot. It is a progressive drill and will give the feeling of the proper impact position.

To do this drill place three balls on the ground in a line. One ball is at the impact position and the other two are past the impact zone. You than take practice swings with the club first bottoming out at the first ball, then second and then last. This will get the club hitting the right spot as you move through impact.

Drill #3 – 9 to 3 Drill

Sean Foley uses this drill with all his students to teach them the proper impact position because no two swings are identical. This impact drill focuses on the small pictu