A Short Iron Accuracy Contest To Help Dial In My Approach Shots

According to the PGATour.com website, when looking at short iron accuracy from 100-125 yards out, the top golfer in 2017 from this distance is averaging 15 feet 2 inches from the hole. Does this surprise you like it did me? The idea that the pros are automatically sticking it 3 feet to the hole every time is a myth. The pros are still amazing from this distance and their short iron accuracy sets them apart from the scratch golfers. How can knowing this statistic help me break 80 and improve my game? I think it gives me a goal to strive for and I want to hit the ball inside 15 feet as much as possible from this distance. Just hitting the green is not good enough but I want to give myself the best chance to birdie or at least 2 putt.RANK THIS WEEKRANK LAST WEEKPLAYER NAMEROUNDSAVGTOTAL DISTANCE (FEET)# OF ATTEMPTSRELATIVE TO PAR11Byeong Hun An6915′ 2″879.75058-14

The Optishot driving range and pinpoint practice green is perfect for trying to improve my short iron accuracy. How many shots can I hit inside 15 feet (the white circle) in my practice sessions? Thus was born my Optishot iron accuracy contest.

Short Iron Accuracy Contest

Distance: 122 yards

My Goal

The goal of the Short Iron Accuracy Contest is to improve challenge myself to get better. I really want to break 80 consistently and believe that being able to improve my short irons, chipping and putting will give me the best chance to do so. The average golfer wastes more strokes from 125 yards and in. Missing a green from short yardage will ruin a round for the average golfer. Getting the ball within 15 feet from this range is the difference between par or birdie and double bogey. I want to get more consistent with my short irons. Join in the challenge and track your progress.

How it Works

  1. Use the Optishot golf simulator’s pinpoint driving range.

  2. Set the flag to 122 yards (white flag)

  3. Hit 50 consecutive shots with a short iron.

  4. Track the number of shots within 15 feet (white circle).

Score = # of shots within 15 feet

Post score and image of stats on Contest Forum.

Scores will be added to Contest Leaderboard as they are posted.


Short Iron Accuracy Drills

I plan to use the following drills to improve my short iron accuracy throughout the week:

Ball Forward (Contact Drill)

Alexander Cadugon (Tempo Drill)

How To Join

Please fill in out the form below and then register in the Contest Forum. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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