Benefits Of The Optishot Golf Simulator: Today’s Aha Moment

Two shots in the water followed by a ball in the woods and duck hook off a border fence…wow what a difference a month of not using my Optishot golf simulator had on my golf game. I have been very busy coaching golf this spring, so much so that I have had very little free time to spend hitting balls. This was very apparent after playing 9 holes this weekend. I had hit the ball the worst I have hit in a very long time. This poor round really demonstrated to me the benefits of the Optishot golf simulator. If I plan to break 80 anytime soon I need to get back to practicing everyday.

Optishot Golf Simulator Benefits

Aha Moment #6

The Optishot golf simulator has truly changed my swing. I have been able to change my swing path and have improved my long irons. After hitting over 5,000 golf balls with the Optishot I have become a better golfer. There are so many great things about having a golf simulator in my home and here are the main benefits that really stuck out to me this past week.

#1 Practice

Practice is key. I found that out the hard way. When I don’t practice, I play poorly and will never break 80.  The Optishot golf simulator allows me to practice everyday if I so choose. If getting better is the idea then I have to practice. I am not the type of person who will go to the range week nor am I willing to pay $16 a bucket. This is where my golf simulator comes in. I can practice at home in my spare time (which I found out I need make time) if I truly want to improve. When I stopped practicing on Optishot, I lost the muscle memory of my swing. My swing became quick again and I resorted back to my bad habits. Therefore, practice is the key to me breaking 80 and the Optishot golf simulator is the tool to do it with.

#2 Trial and Error

My simulator allows me to tinker. I am a tinkerer by nature, trying different things to see if they work. The Optishot golf simulator provides me the ability to test tips out and see how they work. I found out this weekend that you can not do that type of tinkering on the course. For example, as I proceeded to pop up multiple shots with my driver on consecutive hole, I decided to try lowering the tee. After lowing the tee, I noticed that I began to hit the better. This adjustment should have been taken care of at home. It cost me about 4 or 5 strokes. The value of being able to try different things and make adjustments without fear of double or triple bogey is huge. Try it out…see if it works and then take it to the course.

#3 Feedback

The Optishot golf simulator provides just the right amount of feedback on my swing to allow me to make the needed adjustments. My playing partner (who has seen me swing thousands of times, said this to me after watching me swing on the first tee “wow you are really taking it inside and have a much better tempo”. Later, I get this from him as I hit the ball into the woods…”wow, that was really quick, like your old swing”. He saw the improvement in my swing from hitting on the Optishot and also noticed when I resorted back to my old quick swing. The golf simulator has changed my swing and has provided me the needed feedback to do it. I can see if my swing path is too outside in or if my swing is too quick. All this feedback is something that you can’t get from just going to the range.


I really believe that if I want to reach my goal of breaking 80 consistently then I have to take advantage of having an Optishot golf simulator. It allows me to practice everyday if I want, tinker with my swing and make adjustments because it provides simple yet valuable feedback. I will not go out and play another round until I get back to doing the drills on this site and practicing my flat inside swing.

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