Best Flat Backswing Drills For Solid Contact

As any top golfer will tell you…the key to success in golf is consistency. You have to be able to hit the ball consistently. The best way to get this accomplished to limit the movement in the swing. Mike Bennett has proven this idea in his revolutionary book called The Stack and Tilt. He demonstrates how the best players in the world are so consistent that they hit the same spot in front of the ball every time. The system he proposes is unconventional…a flat backswing with the weight forward and head centered throughout the whole swing. Thus, I have begun my journey to strike the ball consistency with a flat backswing drills. Using my golf simulator, I have begun to use these 3 great flat backswing drills.

Best Flat Backswing Drills

Matt Kuchar with his flat backswing ©USGolfTV

Drill #1 – Its In The Pits

This is a very simple yet effective drill to get the hands moving on a flat backswing plane. The idea is to place a golf tee under each arm and then take your normal swing without the letting the tees move. Keep the pressure points throughout the swing. This drill will help you swing around in a circle in more a flat motion. This flat backswing will improve your consistency. The tees work wonders to keep the arms tight to the chest on the swing and aids in getting rid of the over the top motion of most average golfers.

Drill #2 – The Belt

I have talked previously about this drill but I couldn’t have an article about a flat backswing and consistency without it. This is just a great drill for developing a flat inside swing. Using a belt (I keep one close to my golf simulator in the garage), tie your right arm to chest. Now, take your normal swing with the belt keeping your arm from moving away from the body. This drill can also be done with BOTH arms tied to your chest. It forces you to use your body and will round out your swing. This is one of the best drills to help with solid contact.

One Arm

Two Arms

Drill #3 – Under The Shaft

This drill will require a partner. Have your partner place the shaft of the club on a 45˚ angle across their right shoulder at setup. The shaft should be on a flat plane. Take a flat backswing and try to not hit the shaft. The hands need to go in and stay close to the body to do this. This will get the correct hand path for a flatter swing plane.

By doing these flat backswing drills in your practice sessions you will develop a golf swing that consistently strikes the ball solidly. You will be able to hit the same spot in front of the ball more and play like Matt Kuchar (well maybe not that good).

The Tour Plane Station is a great tool to do this drill if you do not have a partner.

Want a flat backswing system?? Try the Stack and Tilt

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