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I had been using my golf simulator all winter when I finally got the chance to show all my buddies how much my golf game had improved. The 5,000 shots on the Optishot 2, (what I considered the best golf simulator that an average golfer could afford) gave me great confidence that I was ready to break 80 and amaze my friends…but that did not happen. I hit the ball great but another buddy hit it better. Focus was not on my improvement but my playing partner’s improvement. He told us that he had improved his ball striking so much that it was worth at least 4 strokes a side. How did he do it? By using the what he called the best golf simulator on the market…the Skytrak. Could the SkyTrak really be that good. Could it really be the best golf simulator?

Why SkyTrak is the Best Golf Simulator


SkyTrak Advantages




Ease of Use

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In order to rank as the best golf simulator the device better be accurate. That was one of my biggest complaints about my Optishot 2. The Optishot has too many misreads. The SkyTrak on the other hand is one of the most accurate golf simulators on the market. It uses accurate “advanced flight model and ball spin measurement” that compares to the any simulators out there. This tool gives a very realistic ball flight that translate exactly to what you would see on the course. In addition to being accurate, the best golf simulators should give feedback that helps a golfer adjust their swings.

The Skytrak gives accurate feedback on:

  1. Ball Speed

  2. Launch Angle

  3. Back Spin

  4. Side Spin

  5. Side Angle

  6. Spin Axis

  7. Total Spin

With these measurements, a golfer like my buddy can make the needed corrections and see the results on the course. My Optishot sometimes gives me a false sense of my actual swing as some of my bad shots will turn out good on the device. The best golf simulators NEED to be accurate to be helpful.

In addition, getting an accurate read on the distance of each club is a major help when on the course. The pros want to know the exact distance to the hole which aids in club selection. The SkyTrak gives golfers a great feel for the distance that they hit shots. When they get to the course they have an idea which club to use and this helps builds confidence in their swing.

A great feature that the SkyTrak provides its golfers is BAG MAPPING. This feature allows you to set up your clubs and distances and will find the gaps between clubs. It will then highlight those gaps that are too close or too far apart so you can make the proper adjustments. Furthermore, it will show the shot dispersion for each club. This gives a golfer the idea of how accurate each club is and aids in making good club decisions when playing. My buddy claims that this is one of his favorite features of the SkyTrak and is one of the main reasons for his improvement.

The best golf simulator doesn’t need to be portable but it does help in the amount of practice one can get. A great feature of the SkyTrak is its ability to be taken anywhere you want to hit golf balls. The device itself is very compact and weighs less than 2lbs. It connect to some types of Ipad and does not have a lot of cords and attachments. As a result, it has the ability to be used on the range or at home. My friend takes his SkyTrak everywhere he goes to play. He uses it at home, at the course range and even takes it on trips. It is so easy to use and to setup. Here is a video to show how easy it is to setup:

I am not a pro golfer…I am an average golfer who shoots in the low 80’s. For me, golf is a great hobby that provides me a competitive outlet. Therefore, I do not have the time nor money to justify a $20,000-$50,000 golf simulator. Nor do many of the golfers around the world. The best golf simulator does not have to have every bell and whistle but needs to be affordable and yet effective. That is why I consider the SkyTrak the best golf simulator on the market. At a cost of around $2000, any golfer that wants to improve their game can have access to an amazing training tool. No more going to the range and spending $16 on a bucket of balls. Hit as many balls as you like from the comfort of your own home.

Lets take a look at costs of other simulators:

Golf Simulator Price Comparison

As you can see, the SkyTrak really does provide the most bang for the buck. The main issue I have with the SkyTrak is that many of the game improvement features cost extra. If you want to just hit balls on the driving range (like my buddy) and track your stats then you can keep your costs way down but to get the most out of your golf simulator you will want to add some of the many great features of the SkyTrak.

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Basic Plan


Practice Driving Range

Basic Plan

Game Improvement


Basic Plan


Multi Color Shot Tracers

Numeric Display

Long Drive Competition

Season History

Target Practice

Club Compare


Environmental Controls

Multiple Camera Angles

Cloud Storage

Game Improvement Plan

Play Real Golf


Basic Plan

Game Improvement Plan

WGT Full Course Play

Integrates with many other real course software

Play Real Golf

It is too bad Skytrak charges for those features but it still doesn’t detract from the fact that Skytrak is a great simulator.

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Overall, the Skytrak golf simulator is the choice for the average golfer because of its accuracy, easy of use and game improvement features. For the cost, Skytrak is the best golf simulator for making maximum improvement in your golf game.

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