Best Putting Drills For Sinking More 6 Footers

What is the key to making more 6 footers? Is it the grip, the putter face, distance control or something else. Just like the full swing there are many different thoughts on proper putting. The one thing that is consistent though is practice. Its not just practice but it is deliberate practice with the best putting drills that will take you from missing that 6 footer for par to hitting it for birdie instead. In this post I have put together the best putting drills for hitting more 6 footers. These drills will help you square the putter face and control your distance so that you will have the best chance to drain those pesky putts.

Keys To 6 Footers

As I started to research putting, I found two main keys to making 6 footers:

A Square Face

The key here is to get the putter face less than one degree off square. At the 6 foot distance, if your putter face is less than one degree off center you will hit the center of the hole more consistently and make more putts. So best putting drills must work on getting you a square face.

Distance Control

The 36/64 putting rule is the key to good distance control. What is this? Well you should take the club back 36% and follow through 64%. In other words, you need to follow through TWICE as far as you take the club back. This is a great rule to memorize. Therefore, any great putting drill should work on following through twice as far as the backswing to better control the distance of the putt.

If you can do these two things and then use the best putting drills below you will surely improve your putting.

Best Putting Drills

Square Face Drills


This drill will get you taking the putter back straight and is one of the best putting drills you can do. All it takes is a couple of alignment sticks or even a set of clubs. Putting through the channel will help you strike the ball in the center.

Push The Ball

The Push drill may seem strange, but will give you the feel of making contact with a square face. Just push the ball into the hole. It also helps with the follow through.


The Gate drill is one of the best putting drills for getting a square face and is used by Tiger Woods. You can use tees, coins, balls or anything else to form the gate.

Line On Ball

Drawing a line on the ball will help you see how the ball is rolling. If the line stays straight you know you are hitting the ball with a square putter face. Many will have this line on the ball during a real round on a course. Great drill.

Distance Control Drills

Over Under Tee

This drill will not only help with distance control but will help you on those tricky 6 foot breaking putts. After placing a tee or ball halfway to the hole on a breaking putt, you will try to go over the tee/ball and make it. Next, you will try to go under the halfway tee/ball and make it. In addition, you might make a game out of it where you try to see how many in a row you can get going over then under.

Flag Behind

This is truly one of the best putting drills for distance control. This drill will get you putting aggressive but not too aggressive. Your goal with this drill is to putt so that you make it or leave yourself with a short comeback putt.


This is a Dave Pelz putting drill and is demonstrated here by Phil Mickelson. It will help you more with lag putting rather than 6 footers but is still one of better putting drills our there for distance control.

Best Putting Training Aids

To assist in practicing these drills, you may want to add some of these putting training aids:

Square Face

Distance Control

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