Best Way To Develop A Consistent Golf Swing – A Challenge

“The most consistent part of my golf game is my inconsistency”. We are all looking for that consistent golf swing. We need to be able to hit our irons to the correct distance and be able to get close enough to the pin to make our pars and birdies. So what is the best way to get that elusive consistent golf swing? It simple…take part in an iron accuracy challenge. With our iron accuracy challenge you will see what clubs you need to work on and at what distances you lack consistency. Improve your game by identifying the trouble spots and target the parts of your game you need help. Take our Iron Accuracy Challenge on a golf simulator and become a consistent golfer.

Consistent Golf Swing Challenge


Test your skills with our Iron Accuracy Challenge. Hit 6 shots at 10 different distances and get your consistency score.

The Challenge (What is it?)

The iron accuracy challenge is geared to help you develop a consistent golf swing. It consists of 6 shots and 10 different distances for a total of 60 total shots using a golf simulator. Each shot you will record the distance (yards) from the pin and enter them into the spreadsheet. For each shot you will get a score based on how accurate the shot was base on how close it got to the pin. This is similar to Trackman’s Combine and uses a similar scoring system where a score of 100 is best. Your 6 scores for each shot distance will averaged giving you an accuracy rating for each distance. Use this score to know what shots you need to practice.


  1. Start at 60 yards and hit 6 shots

  2. Enter your scores into the Excel Spreadsheet

  3. Continue hitting 6 shots at each of the eight other distances (70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 130, 140, 160, 180 yards)

  4. Record your scores

  5. Once done you will have an average score for each distance and a total score.


Compare your score to the following table:

100 – 90     Tour

89 – 80       Excellent

79 – 70       Good

69 – 60       Average

59 Below    Needs Improvement

Send us your score and we will add it to the Iron Accuracy Leaderboard

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