Break 80 Update: Best Inside Path Drills For Your Swing

This week’s goal was to be able to get a true inside swing path. I really want to develop a consistent swing that is inside to out producing a slight draw. The slight draw is the type of shot I want for my “Go To Shot” and is a key to me breaking 80. This week I was going to focus on my swing path and try different 3 inside path drills:

Inside Path Drills

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

2 Ball

Figure 8

Below is my review of those 3 inside path drills and how they helped me improve.


Breaking Up Is Hard Drill

2 Ball Drill

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Drill #1: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

This drill by top instructor Joe Hallett, I thought would really help me get my club on an inside path but it kind of did the opposite. By splitting my hands I tended to actually come over the top more. I believe it was because I felt like I had to reach for the ball. My contact with the ball struggled like he said but in my shots after doing the drill I had more outside to in paths then I did before. I am not sure I would recommend this drill if you are looking to improve your inside swing path but I would if you want to improve your contact.

Drill #2: 2 Ball

This drill by popular teacher Monte Scheinblum is one of my favorites. Once you get the hang of it and are not afraid of hitting both balls, this 2 ball drill is really effective. You have to really get an inside path and have to remain focused if you are going to be successful at this drill. I found that ALL but one of my swings were either “Straight” or “Inside Out”. I hit the ball great using this drill and even thought about lining my club up outside the ball at address on my regular shots. It takes some practice but I plan to continue to use this drill to get the feeling of being inside on my swing path. Excellent drill!

Drill #3: Figure 8

The figure 8 drill is an another one of the top inside path drills especially if your takeaway is straight back. I like to take the club inside on a flat plane like many of the old school golfers. This was a tough drill for me and I tended to slice or hit the ball off the toe. I like the 2 ball drill above better for getting the feeling of an inside path. This drill would work if you have that one piece takeaway with little wrist cock at the start of the swing. I plan to try the basket drill at some point because it allows more an inside takeaway.


I recommend the 2 Ball drill if you are looking for a way to get an inside swing path. It is a great at home drill that will lead to a better path. Try it and let me know what you think.

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