Break 80 Update: Success With One Of The Best Golf Impact Drills

Another week in the books of my Break 80 Challenge. This past week was focused on improving my impact position. I went to work using 3 golf impact drills: Peter Kostis’s 2 x 4 Drill, Sean Foley’s 9 to 3 Drill and Zach Allen’s Belt Drill. These golf impact drills are designed to help me get the club and my body in the correct position at impact. Good ball strikers are all in the same position at impact. These 3 drills were aimed at building a consistent swing that would improve my accuracy with my irons.

Golf Impact Drills

The Good

The main goal of this week was to improve my iron accuracy. My swing path has moved inside but I have struggled with an over 3 degree clubface. I also have not hit as many targets as I had early in my practice sessions. I chose 3 drills from top instructors that I felt would best get me in the right position.

The Belt Drill

One of my favorite golf impact drills is Zach Allen’s Belt drill. This drill has you take a regular belt and strap it around your body. You then stick your arm through the belt so that it is tight to your side. This simulates where the right arm should be as the club rotates to impact. I really felt this drill helped me keep my arm in and helped not only with my swing path but also with my impact position.

After doing this drill two days in a row, I hit 50 balls in a practice session. I was more accurate than I had ever been before. As you can see from the screen shot, I hit 16 out of 25 white zone shots (within 15 feet). My swing path was mostly inside or straight on all the shots and I hit very few off the toe. I love golf impact drills that are easy to do at home and that give that feeling of what the correct position is supposed to feel like. The belt drill does this and is on my top 5 favorite drills list.

The 9 to 3 Drill

Sean Foley is one of my favorite golf instructors and this one of the golf impact drills that makes so much sense. Foley says that after watching tons of golfers that everyone is the same from the 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock positions. Meaning that everyone is the same from half way back in their swing through impact. I really need to improve and practice this drill more. Even though I struggled with this drill, I think it can really help me.

After doing this drill, I found that I need a ton of work on my 9 to 3 position. I would hit it poorly one time and then great the next. The 9 to 3 is a great golf impact drill but I think I need to devote 30 minutes a day to it as Foley suggests to really see the improvement.

The Bad

The Duck Hook

Well, after doing these golf impact drills for the week I did become much more accurate but I also hit a few really bad shots. I hit some massive hooks when I turned my hands over too much. The shot felt good but ducked hooked left. My clubface on these shots was 12-15 degrees closed. I really couldn’t figure out why this was happening.

Furthermore, my swing path was usually straight or slight inside but my clubface was extremely closed. It didn’t happen all the time but maybe once every 6 or 7 shots. The good news was that I never really missed right and rarely was my swing path outside in. I squared my stance and this helped a little.

The 2 x 4 drill

This golf impact drill has you press your clubface against a 2 x 4 to simulate the impact position feeling. I really didn’t feel that it helped me get the correct sensation. Again, maybe I need to rep this drill everyday but for me it just didn’t work. I could not really see a change in my swing and the shots I hit after doing the drill didn’t reflect much improvement. Peter Kostis is one of the best instructors but I don’t think this is one of his better drills.


I became very accurate with my 9 iron in particular. 16 out of 25 within 15 feet is awesome. Now, I just need to figure out why I duck hook so much. I plan to test a few things out over the next few weeks and see it I can fix that problem. For now, I will continue to use one of the best golf impact drills out there, Zach Allen’s Belt Drill, to improve my swing.

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