Get a Cheap Golf Simulator and Practice Golf All Year Long

As the summer weather turns to fall, our golf game tends to go into hibernation. We put our clubs in the garage and lose all the feel we developed in our golf game. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By getting a cheap golf simulator like the Optishot 2, you put yourself in position to improve your golf game while others are on the couch. Get better by practicing golf in your home or garage with the best cheap golf simulator on the market and don’t break the bank. Your spouse and your golf game will thank you.

Get A Cheap Golf Simulator – Optishot

Practice All Year Long

If you are looking for a cheap golf simulator that you can afford (around $300), you need to try the Optishot 2 golf simulator. This golf simulator is priced just right for the golfer who wants to improve but does not want spend thousands of dollars on the top end simulators. This simulator may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other but for a cheap golf simulator it is more than adequate. I use my Optishot 2 almost everyday during the winter.

Here is how i continue to practice during the winter months and keep my swing in top condition:

Hit the Driving Range

The Optishop 2 provides golfers with a great opportunity to improve their game. The built-in driving range on this simulator has many great features. The feature I use the most is the “PinPoint Accuracy” circles. This feature has circles positioned around the driving range green that progressively get wider and wider. I choose a distance and attempt to hit each of shot within the “white 15 foot circle”.

This has really helped me tune in my iron play. The Optishot will show you the percentage of shots you hit within each circle. This is great way to keep your iron play in tune.

The Optishot driving range can also help with your driving accuracy. Similar to the circles around the green, the range has driving lines down the fairway. This provides a test of how accurate you can hit the ball. I try to keep at least 70% of my drives between the “white lines” down the fairway. If I can hit 70% or more fairways, I am on my way to breaking 80.

Play a Round

On such a cheap golf simulator, you would never expect to be able to play full rounds of golf on great courses but you can on the Optishot. Pick one of 15 great courses and play 18 holes in under 2 hours. I love testing my game on the Torrey Pines courses which in real life, I will never be able to do.

Check out some of the great holes you can play:

Check Your Stats

Another great way to use a golf simulator is to pay attention to your swing stats. The Optishot 2 provides the right amount of swing analysis for a golfer trying to improve. I like to look at my club face angle and swing path and try to get my swing more consistent. These two elements are the ones that I feel really get off track during my time away from the course.

I also use like to see if I can improve my distance by looking at my swing speed. Since I am not long off the tee, practicing my driving on the simulator really helps. The Optishot will track all your swing stats so you can check and see if you are improving during the off-season.

Here are some of the swing stats that this inexpensive golf simulator will track for you:

  1. Swing Count

  2. Distance

  3. Face Angle

  4. Swing Path

  5. Club Head Speed

  6. Tempo

Review of the Optishot


You will find that the Optishot will not only help you practice but will give you countless hours of entertainment. For just over $300 you can be hitting in your living room. If you really want to improve, for around $1000 you can have a complete golf simulator system. Here is a video of how I put my simulator room together:

For more information on the costs and equipment needed you can read my post on my $1000 Optishot build HERE.

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