Going Deep With My Golf Takeaway: Today’s Aha Moment!

Learn something new everyday! Today, I decided to do a little more research on the golf takeaway and how to get into the right position. I am always looking for that visual image that I can use to improve. Something that I can relate to that is simple to follow. I found a couple of those visual nuggets in a video from Christo Garcia of myswingevolution.com and top 50 golf instructor Mike LaBrauve . Both these of these teachers do a great job of explaining the deep golf takeaway of Ben Hogan and the classical swing the of the pats. These videos provided me with this weeks “Aha Moment”!

Aha Moment #3

“Imagine reaching your left hand into your right pocket and throwing the club through the right shoulder”

The Golf Takeaway

The takeaway in the golf swing sets everything in motion and has been a problem of mine for sometime. I just could not get a visual image in my mind on how to properly take my club back so I could get an inside path. Most golfers today take the club back wide (away from the target) extending their arms and keeping them straight.  As an average golfer with poor flexibility, I found that trying to extend my arms away from my body to go wide was very difficult. I struggled with concept and never really was able to put it into practice.

Going Old School

Garcia and LaBrauve have another approach, more old school then the modern swing. They talk about a trying to pattern the swing after some of the old school golfers. Many of the old school golfers went deep (back behind them) on their takeaway instead of the now popular going wide. That is when I had my ‘Aha Moment”, I need to be more old school. I need to go deep on my takeaway.

Right Pocket

On the golf takeaway, you want to imagine that you are reaching your left hand into your RIGHT POCKET.  This is a great visual and even if it is an over exaggeration. It gives an idea of where your hand need to be positioned.  I will even practice putting my left hand in my right pocket without a club making for a great at home drill.

Top instructor Mike LaBrauve uses this idea of the back pocket with many of his students that struggle with distance and coming in too steep. He has his students bend more at address and try to put the club in their BACK RIGHT POCKET. Then swing the club flat to flat around your body. The sensation of putting the club in the pocket is one that will help any golfer looking to get a deep golf takeaway.

Right Shoulder

Once I had the image of the left hand, I now needed a way to get the proper position at the top of the backswing. By trying to throw the club through the RIGHT SHOULDER, I had the visual I needed. This would allow my wrists to cock and my clubface would get into a square position.

Deep Golf Takeaway

Swinging the club more inside and flat like the classic golfers of the past should give me more distance, control and a swing that I can repeat. Who wouldn’t want that?


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