Golf Drills For Beginners: Start with these 5

Golf is one of the most difficult games to pick up as a beginner. The golf swing requires an extreme level of hand-eye coordination coupled with flexibility and power. There are some golfers who are “naturals” but they are few and far between. Most of us who are just starting out struggle to make proper contact and end up playing golf from the woods. The beginning golfer does not tend to practice the right stuff or tends to focus on too many things. It is important to have the right drills for beginners who are just starting to golf.

Drills for Beginners

In this post I want to give some simple golf drills for beginners. After practicing these drills you will be able to make good contact while developing a solid powerful swing. These drills are not just for the beginner but can be used by any level golfer. All these drills can be done at home and were chosen because of their simplicity and effectiveness.

Drill #1 – Slap Hand

This is a simple drill for beginners that can be done at home anytime. It works on the impact position and release of the hands.

How to do the drill

  1. Start by putting both hands out in front of you facing one another.

  2. Bring the right hand back as if you were swinging.

  3. Swing through slapping your left hand over.

  4. Knuckles end up facing the ground.

Drill #2 – Push the Ball

This is great drill to use when just starting out as it focuses on the point of impact.

How to do the drill

  1. Set up at your impact point with weight shifted

  2. Scoop or push the ball forward

  3. Do NOT take a backswing

  4. Extend the club on the follow through

Drill #3 – Double Arm Swing

The double arm drill focuses on the correct swing position for the arms. It should help you avoid taking the club straight up and down.

How to do the drill

  1. Grip the club with left hand palm facing backwards and right hand palm facing forwards

  2. Swing club back letting the right arm bend and the club goes over right shoulder

  3. Swing down and the left arm should bend and the club goes over left shoulder

Drill #4 – Feet Together

For this drill you will take full swings but you will do it with your feet together. Tempo and making sure the arms and body are moving together are this drill’s focus.

How to do this drill

  1. Get in your stance with your feet together

  2. Take your swing back keeping your posture and feet positioned together.

  3. Swing through maintaining your balance.

Drill #5 – Double Club

This drill will be the most difficult drill for a beginning golfer but will work on the harmony of the swing. If you have trouble keeping the clubs together something is moving in your swing.

How to do this drill

  1. Start with 2 clubs about the same length and weight.

  2. Hold one in your right hand and one in your left.

  3. Clubs should be parallel to one another.

  4. Swing the clubs back and forth trying to keep them the same distance apart.

After using these 5 drills for beginners, you should see your swing improve and your golf game get better. You can find more great golf drills on our drill page: Best Golf Drills

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