Golf Simulator Price Comparison Guide: Know Your Budget

Have you seen the youtube videos of Tiger Woods or Jordan Spieth hitting balls on their home golf simulators. Many tour pros will use a golf simulator to practice during the winter or to prepare for a specific tournament. After watching those videos have you ever said to yourself…can I afford one of those? Believe it or not, most golf simulators are now affordable for the average golfer. If you do a golf simulator price comparison, you will find a wide range of costs between the simulators, ranging from $300 to over $50,000 but just like with any any technology product, you have know your budget.

If you are looking for just a fun way to improve on your own you might look into some of less expensive simulators. On the other hand if you want to step up the analysis of your swing you might look into the mid-range simulators or the dream simulators.

The first thing to consider then when looking into buying a golf simulator is the price. Below I have put together a golf simulator price comparison guide to help you know which simulators your should consider. In addition, you should take a look at our golf simulator reviews to determine the best simulator for your needs.

Golf Simulator Price Comparison

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The simulators below are divided into 3 categories – Budget, Mid-Range and Dream.

  1. Budget simulators can range anywhere from $300 to $3000

  2. Midrange simulators can range anywhere from $3000 to $20,000 (Most include impact screen, mats, enclosures, projectors etc)

  3. Dream simulators are typically over $20,000 and include everything you need to have an amazing experience)

Golf Simulator Price Comparison

Budget Systems (Under $3,000)

Budget*All simulators are under $3000 but may need other equipment such as an impact screen, computer, and projector. SimulatorOptishot 2 ProTee TGC 2016 P3ProSwing Lite SkyTrak Price$349$2,995$1,199$1,995 WebsiteLinkLinkLinkLink PurchaseBuy Optishot 2Buy ProTee Buy P3ProSwingBuy SkyTrak

Mid-Range Systems ($3,000 – $20,000)

Mid Range Kit*All simulators are from $5,000 - $20,000 and should include equipment such as an impact screen, computer, mats and projector. SimulatorGSA Advanced F1Full Swing GolfP3 ProSwing MastersTruGolf Vista Price$8,995$19,900$14,999$12,995 WebsiteLinkLinkLinkLink PurchaseBuy GSABuy FullswingBuy P3ProSwingBuy TruGolf Studio

Dream Systems (Over $20,000)

Dream Kits*All simulators are over $25,000 and include equipment such as an impact screen, computer, and projector. SimulatorHD GolfAbout Golf LimitedGolfzonX Golf Simulators Price35,00040,000Call To Get QuoteCall To Get Quote WebisteLinkLinkLinkLink

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This golf simulator comparison guide should give you an idea of what it costs to own a simulator. Choose the best one for your budget and needs. If you need more help deciding, check out some of our articles on golf simulators.

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