Golf Swing Thoughts For The First Round Of The Year

The first golf round of the year is always an exciting yet nerve racking time. Expectations are sometimes higher than they should be. For me, the expectations of this first round are truly scary. I have been practicing now for 2 months straight, hitting balls almost everyday. This puts tremendous pressure on this first round that I am playing this week. In addition, I am playing one of the toughest courses in our area (Harbor Pointe) and am teeing off for the first time in front of my team. YIKES! My swing has gotten better but I really need to focus on a couple of golf swing thoughts as I prepare to play my first round in 2017 and try to break 80. Below are the swing thoughts that I am going to focus on as I play.

My Golf Swing Thoughts

Swing Thought #1 – Setup

Right Shoulder Lower Than Left And Head Behind The Ball

My first golf swing thought is going to focus on my setup. I must start in a good position if I am going to hit the ball consistently. The focus is going to be on staying behind the ball especially on off the tee. A good eye cock and shoulder at address.

Swing Thought #2 – Tempo


Having the proper tempo is going to be key. I need to make sure I am relaxed and not tense. By having the correct tempo I will be more balanced. My golf swing thought will be the words “Strawberry Cake”. This will make sure my swing is slow going back and faster into impact. I have been practicing some great tempo drills so this should be a strength for me

Swing Thought #3 – Backswing

Right Pocket Right Shoulder

This is my favorite golf swing thought as it really sets me up for a great swing. I need to concentrate on taking my hands and putting them into my right pocket and finishing the backswing by throwing the club thru my right shoulder. This thought will put me in a good position at the top of my backswing. From there I just need to start the downswing with my lower body and the rest will follow.

Swing Thought #4 – On The Green

Putt 17 Inches By The Hole

After watching the beginning golfer that I coach leave almost every putt short, I want to avoid this mistake. The greens are going to be wet and slow as it has rained for the past 3 weeks. I am going to focus on putting past the hole 17 inches and try not to leave any putts short. This will at least give me a chance to make putts.

Swing Thought #5 – Overall

Remember Golf Is A Journey

I need to remember that golf is a journey and not to get frustrated with my game. Don’t expect perfection and most of all have fun. I am going to concentrate on these 3 goals for the 9 holes:

  1. Hit 70% of the fairways

  2. 5 Greens In Regulation

  3. Make ALL 3 foot putts

If I do those 3 things I will be very happy with my game.

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