Golf Weight Transfer For More Consistent Shots: Today’s Aha Moment

Simple, repeatable and Consistent. Those are the traits I look for in a good swing. As an average golfer, I have to be able to have a swing that works on the course even if it may not be perfect. A good swing for me needs to be simple to learn and understand. It has to be a golf swing that is repeatable time and time again and it has to produce consistent accurate shots. The thing that has confused me most is about golf weight transfer during the backswing and downswing. What is the proper golf weight transfer or shift?

Golf Weight Transfer

Aha Moment #5

Most teaching professionals will teach a golf weight transfer that starts balanced, shifts or transfers to the back foot and then transfers back to the front foot. This is a common philosophy. This is where my trouble begins. I want a simple swing that is repeatable. The movement from balanced to back to front seems to me to be excess movement. The average player when doing this type of golf weight transfer may sway on the way back (a no-no) and needs to have great timing to be consistent. This movement takes great hand eye coordination which many average golfers would struggle to master. Not simple, consistent or repeatable.

So what is the answer?

Meet 2012 Sean Foley

Sean Foley is one of the top instructors in the world and has coached such players as Tiger Woods and Justin Rose. His 2012 swing philosophy on golf weight transfer was just what I needed to make my swing simple, repeatable and consistent.

Swing Philosophy

His belief (from what I understand) on the proper golf weight transfer or shift is that it starts with getting a good “axis point” and turning around that point. No swaying or shifting but turning around a solid center.

He wants you to imagine a pole running through your head and coming out your tailbone. This is the axis point you want to turn around in order to stay centered. This does not involve swaying away from the ball on the backswing but involves keeping the head still. By staying centered and turning on that point you will strike the ball first and have more consistent shots.

Transferring the weight becomes easy. You NEVER shift AWAY from the target. The controversial Stack and Tilt swing also advocates staying centered and not moving to the backfoot during the backswing. Many pro including Tiger (under Foley), Justin Rose, Mike Weir and Aaron Bradley don’t shift conventionally but have produced great results. Furthermore, as we know all good players on their downswing transfer their weight onto their front foot. This does not change. The only difference is that you keep centered and move your weight onto your front foot. You still need to “bump” the hips toward the target on the downswing but because there is no shift back.

Golf Weight Transfer Drills

Two great golf weight transfer drills are below:

Foley Alignment Rods

Shawn Clement One Leg

This idea goes against conventional teaching in some aspects but should help me produce a simple, repeatable and consistent swing that should help me break 80.

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