Learning From Jon Rahm’s Short Backswing – Today’s Aha Moment!

As you get older you learn that you can’t do the same things you use to do. In golf you figure out that making a long sweeping swing like the pro is just not going to happen. You are who you are and you better adjust. I recently found this out as one of my playing partners made the statement “wow…you sure have a short backswing” as I proceeded to hit the ball dead down the middle. I realized that my short backswing was not what people would call a “pro style” swing but for me it works. That evening as I was scrolling through my twitter feed I came across Golf Academy’s Travis Fulton talking about PGA pro Jon Rahm’s short backswing. In the video, Fulton shows how Jon Rahm has short but powerful swing and how he does it.

The Short Backswing

Today’s Aha Moment

4 Lessons From Jon Rahm’s Swing

#1 Toe In

One of the important aspects of Rahm’s short swing that Fulton points out is that during the takeaway the toe of his club points in towards the ball. You do not want the toe to point up towards the sky. This inward toe helps keep his clubface square and is a good check point for the short backswing.

#2 Wrist Bowed

Another way to make sure the clubface is square is to check for a bowed left wrist at the top. This allows the club to lay off slightly and produce a square face at impact.

#3 Increase The Angle

To get his power, Rahm really increases the angle of the shaft on the way down. At the halfway point of the downswing the angle of the shaft and arm forms a big “V”. This stores up the power and creates the lag.

#4 Sit Down

Another way he gains power is to turn into the left arm and sit down with the lower body. Do not pull the arms down but rotate the body. This rotation is similar to a field goal kicker rotating to kick a football. Sit down and use the ground for leverage. This sit down and rotate really produces a powerful short swing.

By using these ideas and checking them in the mirror, I should be able to improve my short backswing and increase my power. Maybe someday I too will be on the “Long Drive of the Week”…LOL

If you really interested in improving your swing add a golf simulator to your home. You won’t ever practice without one again.

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