MacGyver Drills: Home golf drills using a rope, soda bottle & credit card

Paper clips instead of pistols and gum instead of guns, MacGyver from the 1980’s tv show would use anything at his disposal to save lives. He could turn anything he had into a tool for solving his problem. From watching this show as a kid I learned that you have to be creative with the tools you have especially if you are on a budget like me. As an average golfer looking to get better, sometimes I need to find home golf drills using my MacGyver problem solving skills. Rope, soda bottles, credit cards and pennies are great MacGyver tools to use in your golf practice sessions. Check em out.

Here are 4 of my favorite practice drills:


Drill #1

Mission: Better Takeaway

Tool: Rope

This creative golf drill using a rope demonstrated by top instructor Chuck Cook, helps with swing path and coming over top on the downswing. To do this drill, loop a rope around something stable like a bike rack or bag stand. With both hands on the rope, pull back with your right arm as you replicate a backswing. You will feel the sensation of going straight back which will eliminate the over the top downswing.

Drill #2

Mission: Solid Downswing

Tool: Soda Bottle

I love this golf drill to help you stop casting the club and to make sure you have a great downswing. This drill demonstrated by Martin Hall from the Golf Channel, has you get a soda bottle with the bottom slightly filled (a water bottle would also work). You hold the bottle neck with it pointed toward the ground and take your backswing and slowly make your downswing trying to keep the soda in the neck. This is great drill for the correct swing path.

Drill #3

Mission: Left Wrist

Tool: Credit Card

In this home golf drill, all you need a credit card to improve your left wrist position at impact. This is vital in squaring the clubface and hitting the ball straighter. To do the drill you put the credit card in your glove with half of it showing. Then you take your backswing and make sure the credit card is flat. On the downswing you focus on producing a firm left wrist where the credit card is flat at impact.

Drill #4

Mission: Right Hand Position

Tool: Penny

This is a very simple yet effective drill to get the position of your right hand correct throughout the swing. It also works for establishing a great grip position. Take a penny and place it on the top of your left thumb and then cover it with your right hand as you take your grip. Now take your swing keep the penny from falling.

Try these creative home golf drills. If you have a drill with some imagination that you think could make this list please submit it to our drill library.

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