Optishot Putting – How To Use The AimPoint Method

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Optishot putting can be very frustrating but also very rewarding when done right. Four putting or missing an easy putt can really put an end to a good round but on the other end, sinking that crucial 10 footer can be huge. Since most of the courses you are going to play are PGA Tour quality you need a solid Optishot putting system. The AimPoint Express method (which is a very popular on the PGA) is easily adjusted for putting on your golf simulator. In this article I will show you how to read greens and putt better on the Optishot using the AimPoint method.

Optishot Putting

How to read the greens

The Greens

The greens on the Optishot give you some helpful hints into the slope and speed of the greens. You get lines, colors and balls rolling to help in your read. As a result, you should have all the information needed to get the ball rolling on the right path. If i had this information on a real course, I know I would be a much better putter. So lets break it down as to what all this means and then I will discuss how to use it.


The greens are divided into a grid. This grid shows you small chunks of slope on the green. You will need to look at each of the grid lines between your ball and the hole.


The Optishot putting green uses colors to help you understand the slop. Look at the grid lines and notice the color.

Green = flat putt

Red = uphill putt

Blue = downhill putt

Rolling Balls

The grid lines will also have rolling golf balls on them. These golf balls will tell you how fast the green slopes in the direction the ball is rolling.

The AimPoint Express System (In a nutshell)

The AimPoint putting system, was first designed for an easy way for kids to read greens but is now used by many pros. It involves finding the slope of the green and giving it a number rating. It is really a 10 second green read that focuses on “feeling” the slope with your feet.

You start by standing on the low side of the hole, half way to your ball, and feel with your feet how much slope there is. Then give it a rating between 1 and 4. If you feel “no slope” that would be a “0” degree rating, while a huge slope would get a “4” degree rating. Each finger on your hand represents 1 degree of slope. Hold up that number of fingers and look at the hole and this gives you the aiming point of your putt.

That is the basic idea in a nutshell (for more on this system click HERE). Similarly, you can use a rating system like this for Optishot Putting.

Here is how…

Optishot Green Reading

Step 1: What color are the lines (is it an uphill or downhill putt)?

Green = flat putt

Red = uphill putt

Blue = downhill put

Remember the putt will have MORE break on an uphill putt and LESS break on a downhill putt.

Step 2: How many lines are between you and the hole?

This should give you the number of rolling balls you will be looking at.

Step 3: How fast are the balls rolling?

Give each rolling ball a rating from 0 to 4.

0 = not rolling

1 = rolling very slowly

2 = rolling at a good pace

3 = rolling fast

4 = rolling super fast (rarely used)

Step 4: Total all the ratings

Make slight adjustments based on wether the putt is uphill or downhill.

Step 5: Move your aim point (cursor) the same number of clicks as total number rating.

ex…3 grid lines, one ball rolling at a “1”, two balls rolling at a “2”…move your cursor a total of 5 clicks.

Step 6: Hit your putt

Optishot putting can be very tricky if you don’t know how to do it. By giving the rolling balls a number, you can get a good idea of where to aim your putt. Only thing you need to do from there is hit solid. I like to hit my putt with less force so that I stay within a 3 foot distance. Hope this article helps you develop a quick and easy way to read the greens.

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