Putt Better With The Pop Putting Method

Want to putt better? Well, here is the answer you have been looking for, it is called “Pop Putting”. Once I committed to the Pop Putting method, I immediately began to putt better. It is not hard and in many ways easier than most putting strokes. It is the preferred putting technique of PGA pro Brandt Snedeker. He uses it to rank as one of the best putters in the world. I now use it and I putt better than I ever have. My confidence with my putting is through the roof. If you want to improve your golf game, start with your putting and build it around the Pop Putting stroke.

Putt Better With Pop Putting


What is Pop Putting?

It is simple stroke where you “pop” the ball and get it rolling. There is little follow through and less deceleration. Many golfers use to use it because the greens were slower and you need more roll to the ball. It is a shorter and i would say faster stroke that stops at impact. The face of the club moves first and then “pops” the ball toward the hole.

Pop Putting Technique

How Pop Putting Will Make You Putt Better

More Consistent

I found that by using the Pop Putting Stroke, I became a more consistent putter. I made more short putts as there is less movement in the Pop Putting Stoke. You take the club face back square and then return it square more often. Less chance for things to go wrong. All you need to concentrate on is how far back to take it for each putt. Once you have gotten the feel for the length of the backswing and the distance it is a very easy stroke that will help you putt better.

Better Roll

The balls rolls better. The Pop Stroke gets the ball rolling towards the hole with less wobble. There is less deceleration in the stroke which is a major concern for many high handicap golfers.

Aggressive Stroke

It promotes being aggressive with your putts as the ball rolls faster sooner. It was first used on slow greens so it naturally has an aggressive approach to it. You pop it towards the hole as opposed to push it.

 More Confidence

I found that I have great confidence now with my short putts using this method (see videos below). By knowing exactly how far to take the putter back for each distance and slope, I can feel confident in every putt. Also this stroke allows me to be aggressive and go at the hole taking much of the read or break out of the putt. I find the line and pop it towards the hole at a good pace.

How to Practice Pop Putting

The single best advice I have ever gotten on putting better came from Snedeker. He says that he only practices 5 foot putts. Why? Because those are the putts that make or break a round. They are the birdie putts and par saves that change your game. By only practicing 5 footers and getting confident with 5 foot putts, you can be more aggressive. You will never fear missing a putt long. That 3 footer coming back is easy. This single advice has changed how I putt. I putt better and with more confidence than ever.

5 Foot Putting Game

I purchased a Tour Link Putting Green and practice everyday on it. I putt 5 balls at 9 different holes. Each putt is from 5 feet. I mix up straight, uphill, downhill and side hill putts. Keep track of how many you make out of 45. Your goal is to make 80% of your 5 footers (36 total or 4 out of 5 on each hole). Not easy to do but I promise you will putt better after doing it for a few weeks.

Examples of my Pop Putting (filmed by my 8 & 9 year old)

Uphill Putt

Long Sidehill Putt

Short Sidehill Putt

Straight 5 Footer

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