Putt Better With These 2 Training Aids

So you want to break 80??? Well…you better be a good putter. Learning how to putt better does not have to be struggle. There are tools and putting aids out there that make improving your putting a breeze. These tools can be used to putt better from the comforts of your own home, 365 days a year. The difficult part is choosing the right putting aids that are affordable, effective and easy to use. In this post I will help the average golfer putt better by giving the best 5 training aids for putting.

Training Aids To Help You Putt Better

Tool #1 – Blast Motion Sensor 

If you want to putt better than you HAVE to get the Blast Motion Sensor. This is my favorite training aid and I use it everyday I putt. It is simple to use, affordable and is sure to help you improve your game. The Blast Motion sensor is attached to the end of your club and tracks all major putting metrics that you can think of. Geek out with stats such as Backswing Speed, Forward Swing Speed, Tempo, Lie Change, Face Rotation and many more. All your stats are tracked and graphed for easy reference. You can check out how you have been doing by the day, week, month or all time. The app and sensor can even be used to film your stroke (putting and full swing) also so you can really see where you need to putt better.

How To Use It

  1. Download the app on your phone

  2. Sync the app with your bluetooth

  3. Attach sensor it the end of you club

  4. Begin Putting

How Will It Help You Putt Better

The best way to use the Blast Motion is to work on one of the metrics at a time. The best putters in the world have very CONSISTENT putting strokes. They have strokes that are consistently at a tempo of 2 to 1. The putting stroke should take twice as long back as it does forward. The pros are able to repeat their backstroke time each putt no matter the distance.

Therefore, I suggest starting by trying to get a consistent “backswing speed”. Start by taking a few putts and try to see where you are in terms of your backswing speed. Next, try to slow down your backswing speed and then try to speed up your backswing speed. Once you feel for what a slow backswing is and what a fast backswing speed is, then I would attempt to try to repeat that backswing stroke every time. It is not as easy as it seems so consider if you get within .10 or .20 to be doing extremely well.

Once you have a consistent backswing speed you can begin to try to be consistent with the other metrics. Try to get a 2 to 1 tempo with every putt. This technique has helped me go from making around 30% of my 6 footers in my practice session to consistently over 60% of my 6 footers (pros make around 65% of their footers). After using the Blast Motion my putting has improved immensely and I now have confidence that I can make those pesky 6 footers and avoid 3 putting.

Read my full Blast Motion Review HERE.

Tool #2 – Dual Track Putting Green

The Dual Track Putting Green is another must have putting aid if you plan to putt better in 2018. This putting green is 10.5 feet long which allows for real putting practice. It is clearly marked with 4,6 and 8 foot markers so you know exactly how far you are putting. The Dual Track provides users with 2 different experiences in one package. You can putt on one of two putting greens with two different hole sizes. The smaller sized hole is used to really fine tune your stroke and focus on the inside part of the hole. After hitting balls on this smaller cup, the regular size hole looks like a crater.

Another feature that will help you become a better putter is the slight slope at the end of the green. It is said that the best putters make putts that roll 18 inches past the hole. Never be short again with this feature as it makes you putt uphill to simulate hitting a firm stroke. This is very important because to putt better you must give yourself a chance on every putt.

Lastly, the Dual Track Putting Green has an automatic ball return. This makes putting hundreds of putts easy as it takes no effort to retrieve the balls. I didn’t think this feature was important but soon found out that I could not do without it.

How Will It Help You Putt Better

The Dual Track Putting Green will help you focus on the inside part of the hole and dial in your accuracy. The smaller cup is challenging and will test your putting stroke. You can really tell if you are putting straight by focusing on the white line on the green. Try to putt down the white line to insure a dead straight putt. This green will also help you hit firm putts. Track all your putts from the different distances on the small cup and then move to the large cup and see the improvement.  I was able putt better by combining the Blast Motion Sensor with this putting green. I have become almost automatic from 8 feet away.

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