Skytrak Review From An Optishot Owner

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

When i began this Skytrak review, I was undecided on weather I should upgrade from my Optishot. The Optishot has served me well over the last 3 plus years and has helped me lower my handicap but something was missing. After reading other Skytrak reviews, I decided to check it out. Luckily for me i was able to convince my buddy to bring over his Skytrak launch monitor. This allowed me to do a direct Skytrak review comparing the two simulators. Noting the pro and cons of each as I hit balls on the machines simultaneously. What a great experience and a lot of fun. Should I upgrade to the Skytrak Launch Monitor?

Skytrak Review

Skytrak Data

The one thing I really love about the Optishot is the swing data. Knowing your swing path, club face angle and area of contact on the club is so valuable. In fact, using those stats helped me improve my game and lower my handicap from a 15 to an 8 over the last year. This is going to be hard to beat. The Skytrak does it different. The Skytrak reads the ball while the Optishot reads the club. This gives you different data to help with your swing.

SkyTrak measures:

1. Ball Speed

2. Launch angle

3. Back Spin

4. Side Spin

5. Side Angle

These are great for lower handicaps but as I was doing my Skytrak review I found that these measurements don’t mean as much to me as does the swing data from the Optishot. Swing path and Clubface angle are easier for the average golfer to grasp. I do like knowing the ball spin but need to do more research to understand how to use the ball data to improve my swing.

Skytrak Ball Flight

The ball flight of the Skytrak is much more realistic than that of the Optishot. On the Optishot you need to set your ball trajectory to high, medium, low or lower. Not realistic. The Skytrak actually measures the ball so the ball flight is different depending on how you hit each shot. I found that my shots on the launch monitor were very realistic. Each shot tended to show a low slight push to the right which is exactly correct on a real course. On the Optishot, my shots are nice high draws which I can hit occasion but not my true trajectory. After reviewing the Skytrak, I found the ball flight to be very accurate.

Skytrak Accuracy

The most asked question on my youtube channel involves the accuracy of each golf simulator. If you are looking to upgrade from the Optishot this is the question that must be answered especially if you are going to pay $2000 for a simulator. I can confidently say that the Skytrak is more accurate than the Optishot. Measuring the ball has its positives and that is that it gives you a more accurate shot. It also gives you less room for error.

The Optishot can be very frustrating with all the mishits that happen during your round. Mulligans are a must with the Optishot as this video shows:

On the other hand the Skytrak will have fewer miss reads. The miss reads you get are usually that the system does not register the shot. This is much better than having to use a mulligan during a round because you got a random 350 drive or known shank that still flies the correct distance. I need to review the Skytrak more to truly see if the accuracy is on par with the higher end simulators but as for more accurate than Optishot, I would say yes.

Skytrak Setup

The Skytrak launch monitor is super simple to setup. You can connect the Skytrak to your computer or Ipad and needs very little space. In fact the Skytrak is portable so you can take it anywhere you need it. Download the software and connect the USB cord and you are on your way. The green light will let you know it is time to hit your shot. Very simple setup and easily moved to a new location helps the Skytrak provide a unique experience.

Skytrak Price

The price of the Skytrak golf simulator is the main sticking point for me when doing my Skytrak review vs the Optishot. The Optishot costs around $300 and is a great entry level simulator. The Skytrak on the other hand costs around $2000 for just practice range hitting. For that $2000 you do not get any courses to play nor do you get any of their game improvement features.The game improvement plan is great for improving your game but costs an extra $99 a year.

Here is the cost for the Skytrak extras:

These features are really important to getting the full experience of a golf simulator. It will cost you $99 a year for the game improvement plan which is really a cool feature. The big cost though is if you want to play on a simulated course. Not only does Skytrak charge $200 a year for integration with the Golf Club Game (or other games) but the game also costs extra. For $500 a year you can use Skytrak to play on a simulated course using the Golf Club system. Really neat feature but for $500 a year??? I think it prices out those golfers looking for a budget simulator experience.

Skytrak and The Golf Club Game Plans


After reviewing the Skytrak I would say that it truly an upgrade from the Optishot. The accuracy and the data it provides is a huge improvement to the Optishot. I love that the Skytrak is easy to setup and is portable. The issue comes down to price. The Skytrak will run you around $2500 to get the full experience and that does not include all the accessories such as projector, screen, mats etc. On the Optishot you can get the swing data needed to improve and play courses for fun but need to understand it is not the most accurate out there. If you have the money by all means you should get the Skytrak and really get after it as it is a great golf simulator.


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