SkyTrak vs Budget Golf Simulators - The best comparison videos

$2000 for a SkyTrak or a $200 budget golf simulator? That is the question that haunted many golfers. Budget golf simulators such as Optishot or R-Motion can be really enjoyable but are they enough to help you improve your golf game? The Skytrak Launch Monitor is considered a step up from most of the budget simulators on the market and is considered by many as being more accurate. Lets take a look at the best videos of side by side comparisons of budget golf simulators vs SkyTrak. Should we upgrade to SkyTrak?

Best Comparison Videos:

SkyTrak vs Budget Golf Simulators

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SkyTrak Vs Optishot 2

Optishot 2 is a very popular budget golf simulator. It is a stand alone golf simulator which comes with a mat and and plugs directly into your computer. The Optishot mat has 16 sensors that tracks your golf swing before and after contact with the ball to give you feedback on your swing. The Optishot allows golfers to practice or play real rounds of golf in the comforts of your home for around $300. See my REVIEW OF THE OPTISHOT.

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SkyTrak vs R-Motion

R-Motion is a budget simulator and swing analyzer that uses clips on your club and an attached sensor to provide its data. Created by the Rapasodo company, R-Motion gives club and ball data including ball speed, backspin, sidespin, launch angle and angle of attack. You need to get a mat to practice indoors but it is portable for outdoor use. The R-Motion budget simulator runs around $200 for the full setup which also includes 15 courses using The Golf Club software for playing full rounds. See some of my other videos on the R-Motion on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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SkyTrak vs FlightScope Mevo

The FlightScope Mevo is a personal launch monitor that you can take anywhere. The Mevo is a budget simulator that gives real-time feedback on all your shots. Mevo uses Doplar Radar to track the ball and provide the data needed to improve your swing. There are eight performance stats that you can get from the Mevo including smash factor, ball speed and launch angle to name a few. It can be used indoors and out and through the app will allow you to film your swing and overlay all the data. The Mevo is on the high side of most budget simulators but can be compared to the SkyTrak in terms of output.

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SkyTrak Comparison

Skytrak is a great golf simulator that can help you improve your golf swing. It provides great feedback and is one of the most accurate simulators. The question you need to answer is if it is worth the price. Is the SkyTrak worth the upgrade from the budget simulators on the market. Hopefully these videos help you in your decision. For more ideas, reviews and tips on golf simulators check out our blog.

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