Swing Analysis Breakdown: How I Plan To Swing Like Soren Kjeldsen

One of my favorite parts of being a high school football and basketball coach is breaking down film of our team and our opponent. I spend hours at a time analyzing game and practice film in order to put together a game plan. I break down plays, techniques and tendencies and then plan out a strategy to reach our goal. My golf swing is no different. I need to do an in-depth swing analysis and breakdown all parts of my swing and my model swing. Then I need to use this swing analysis to put together a game plan for my practice sessions. My goal is to swing like Tour Pro Soren Kjeldsen using an old school swing. Below, I will breakdown Kjeldsen’s swing and compare it to my swing and then put together a game plan with drills for improving

A Swing Analysis:

Soren Kjeldsen



Scouting Report


Soren’s setup is based around a shoulder tilt where the left shoulder is higher than the right. His head is behind the ball. His hands and arms are loose and not tense.

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How I Can Improve:

Head and Hand Shift

I have always had a slight forward press with the hands pushing them ahead of the ball. My head is usually even the ball. I need to shift my head back and get more tilt in my shoulders as that should improve my hand position. This is going to take some practice as I have always had my head even with the ball.

Relax My Hands

I tense up and it effects my grip and my swing. Adding a “waggle” has helped but I do feel tense at address. In need to relax and loosen my grip.


My swing analysis shows that Kjeldsen has an early wrist cock in his takeaway keeping his right hand above his left. The clubface seems to be slightly closed pointing toward the ball.

How I Can Improve:

Early Wrist Cock

I need to work on swing sequence coach Paul Kopp’s technique of flattening my left wrist while cocking my right wrist. This keeps the clubface looking almost closed but is actually square to the target. Right now I am not getting enough early wrist cock cause me to cock my wrist again at the top of my swing.

Top of The Backswing

At the top the backswing,  Soren Kjeldsen’s left arm begins to bend which is much different then the straight right arm of most. This gives him an extra power source and keeps his arms and hands loose. His clubface is closed at the top, his wrists are fully cocked and the club is pointing toward the target. He has a shorter backswing with his irons and they do not go as parallel as his driver.

Kjeldsen’s left shoulder is flat and across his shoulder line. This is a classic flat one plane swing as he has no elevation of his hands and they do not get above his head. His right elbow is tight to his body.

How I Can Improve:

Left Arm Across Shoulders 

I do a good job of bending my left arm (mostly do to my lack of flexibility) but I over cock my hands with my irons. In addition, I sometimes come across the target line at the top of my backswing and even loosen my grip to do it. I need to work on getting my left shoulder up onto my shoulder plane and getting a better shoulder turn so that I am not too flat.


Kjeldsen does a great job of pivoting around his core and center. There is not a lot of movement back or shift so he has great balance.His hands are slightly away from his body on the downswing. Furthermore, you can see through the triangle of his arms when doing a swing analysis from the back and the butt end of the club is pointing at the ball.

He uses a lot of hands through impact and plays a nice draw.

In addition, you will see a lean at impact where his body is tilted AWAY from the target and his weight has shifted to his right side.

How I Can Improve:

 More Turn

I really need to turn more around the center my body. I tend to sway at times and do not get a good transfer of weight especially on the down swing. Practicing by hitting balls with my feet together should get me the balance I need.

Starting Downswing With Lower Body

I also do a VERY poor job of starting my downswing. I start with my shoulders and then my lower body. Lifting my left heel has helped but this is the one area where I need tons of work.  I can do a drill with the club on my right shoulder at the top of the backswing and then proceed to hit the ball from there. This allows my lower body to lead and my hands to follow.

Butt End At Ball

I need to swing the club with my body more than my arms. This will help get the butt end of the club in the right position. I also need to move my hands away from my body slightly to keep the good triangle.

I do use my hands well and that is probably why I have a closed clubface at impact.


Hopefully by being purposeful and intentional in my practice sessions, I will improve my swing and will see it in my next swing analysis.

Drills To Use

Paul Kopp: Right Arm

Todd Anderson: Feet Together

Peter Styles: Split Hands

Mike McGetrick: No Backswing Push

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