Swing Analysis Breakdown: How I Plan To Swing Like Soren Kjeldsen

One of my favorite parts of being a high school football and basketball coach is breaking down film of our team and our opponent. I spend hours at a time analyzing game and practice film in order to put together a game plan. I break down plays, techniques and tendencies and then plan out a strategy to reach our goal. My golf swing is no different. I need to do an in-depth swing analysis and breakdown all parts of my swing and my model swing. Then I need to use this swing analysis to put together a game plan for my practice sessions. My goal is to swing like Tour Pro Soren Kjeldsen using an old school swing. Below, I will breakdown Kjeldsen’s swing and compare it to my swing and then put together a game plan with drills for improving

A Swing Analysis:

Soren Kjeldsen



Scouting Report


Soren’s setup is based around a shoulder tilt where the left shoulder is higher than the right. His head is behind the ball. His hands and arms are loose and not tense.

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How I Can Improve:

Head and Hand Shift

I have always had a slight forward press with the hands pushing them ahead of the ball. My head is usually even the ball. I need to shift my head back and get more tilt in my shoulders as that should improve my hand position. This is going to take some practice as I have always had my head even with the ball.

Relax My Hands

I tense up and it effects my grip and my swing. Adding a “waggle” has helped but I do feel tense at address. In need to relax and loosen my grip.


My swing analysis shows that Kjeldsen has an early wrist cock in his takeaway keeping his right hand above his left. The clubface seems to be slightly closed pointing toward the ball.