Tathata Golf Review – Can I Improve My Swing In 60 Days

Tathata Golf 60 Day Training Program has always intrigued me. I want to improve my swing, hit the ball further and once and for all, break 80 consistently. Tathata Golf seemed to be perfect for me.  It combines both the “power” and “energy” of martial arts and the precision and consistency of golf into an all-purpose training routine. 60 Days to better golf…Im in. I signed up to see if after those 60 days, I would be a better golf. Wish me luck and follow my week by week review of Tathata Golf.

Tathata Golf Review

What is it?

Tathata is a unique training program that focuses on the movements of great athletes and golfers of the past and tries to put the swing into simple terms. Using the ideas of golf and martial arts to form a basis for learning, the program is suppose to build confidence in you. This confidence will help you step on the golf course and clear your mind and stop thinking. Tathata means “suchness” or an “understanding” and tries to convey the idea that by understanding how great golfers (Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Greg Norman, etc.) move, we can simplify the swing.

The online training program is 60 days long but once you are a member you get many more videos and courses to learn from. They have a courses on improving “Distance”, “Trajectory”, and “Uneven Lies”. You can do all the lessons and movements all from the comforts of your own home.

About the Instructor


The main instructor and founder of Tathata Golf is Brian Hepler. He has training in both golf and martial arts. Brian has his warriorship and is trained in the art of Satori in which the heart is the center. He also has spent countless hours with Ben Doyle and one of my favorite golfers Mac O’Grady . His style is very unique and precise. He breaks everything in the golf swing down and does not leave anything to chance.

Week 1 – Warm Up, Setup and Body Movements

In week 1 of the Tathata training, you focus on building energy from the center of your body.

It starts with a warm up routine that reminded me of some simple yoga poses and stretches. The warm up exercises were meant to replicate some of the positions in the golf swing. A easy version of the stretches were demonstrated using a chair for those that were not very flexible…I was extremely happy for this!

Next came the setup. The Tathata Golf setup was based on some great golfers such as Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus. By having feet the pointed outward and a slightly closed stance it was similar to what I have been doing.

The body movements were drills that were going to get you in the best position on the backswing. These backswing positions were broken down and explained in detail. These movements could be done anywhere without a club which was very helpful.

The website is easy to navigate and has many complimentary videos. Each lesson has videos that build on the lesson you are working on. In fact, after some of the lessons you get chance to view a “video extra”. The one that was in my week 1 training involved Greg Norman discussing where in the body the downswing starts. Really good stuff.


  1. You can be do the drills anywhere

  2. Simple movements

  3. Website easy to navigate

  4. Instructor breaks down movements with precision

  5. Many videos to compliment lessons


  1. Lessons are too long

  2. Very detailed instruction may not appeal to all

Week 1 Stats

Week 2 – Body Movements, Mental Training and Laydown

Week 2 of Tathata Golf was more of the same body movements done in the first week. You start with a warmup and then move to the body movements such as the “Punch”, “Swiss Ball” and “Surfing Feet”. More focus is done on the finish of the swing and I found that those really help get the feel of the whole swing.

Two new ideas were introduced in week 2. Tathata Golf really focuses on training the mind like in martial arts. You are taught how to focus using a sit down (Mental Training) and a lay down training. These require you to focus deeply and are similar to a meditation or relaxation found in yoga (though this is NOT what they want you to call it.

The big thing that I found during this 2nd week was that a one hour lesson is too long for me to stay interested. I found that I really wanted to do some of the movements and not all of them. I really wanted to skip the Mental Training lesson and the Laydown lesson because of time. It is becoming more and more difficult to continue especially since no club has been introduced yet. Stay tuned to see if I am able to finish ALL 60 day lol…


  1. Great workout…I couldn’t figure out why I was so sore…the workout is intense.

  2. Can do in my living room

  3. Really like the fundamentals being taught

  4. I am getting stronger


  1. Lessons are TOO LONG!!

  2. Mental Training and Laydown work not my cup of tea


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