The Golf Challenge – 5 Ways to Practice Using An Optishot

I am always looking for creative ways to practice my golf swing on my Optishot and the other day while searching youtube, I came across the 14 club golf challenge. This golf challenge pits two pros in a head to head battle on a par 3 (around 150 yards) and is very popular on the European Tour. The rules of the golf challenge are very simple…hit the green using all 14 clubs in your bag. The only problem is that once your opponent uses a club you also lose it. You get one point every time you hit the green and the most points between the two players wins. What a fun concept. This challenge makes you have to work the ball, muscle up with different clubs or take some off with others.

Thinking about this concept made me search for more golf challenges that could be fun while helping motivate me to practice.

Optishot Golf Challenge

5 Games You Can Play For Fun and Improvement

14 Club Challenge

# of Players: 2

Number of Holes: One par 3 (150 yards)


  1. Must use all 14 clubs

  2. Once a player uses a club both players can not use it again.

  3. One point each time you hit a green

How To Play

With a partner go to the practice tab and pick an Optishot course that is somewhat challenging. Now find a par 3 hole that is around 150 yards without a bunker or water hazard directly in front of the green.


Flip a coin to decide who will go first. The first golfer will choose one of the 14 clubs to use (once chosen that club cannot be picked again). They will then hit a shot at the green. If it stays on the green they earn a point. Then the 2nd golfer will pick a club and hit a shot. Alternate shots and the player with the most points (shots that stay on the green) wins.

Rahm Vs. Rafa

Harrington Vs. McDowell


# of Players: Any

Number of Holes: One par 3 (any distance)

How to play

Similar to the 14 Club Golf Challenge, you will need to go to the practice tab and pick a course. With the HORSE Challenge though you will be choosing different spots 25 to 50 yards from the green. Pick a spot that has water and/or hazards in front or near the green.

Rahm Vs. Rose

Much like the game of HORSE in basketball, flip a coin to see who goes first and then that person decides what shot they are going to attempt. It can be with any club and any spot around the green. Move the ball to that spot and hit the shot. If it lands on the green then the other golfer much match it by hitting the same shot and landing it on the green. If they match it then the 1 st golfer will attempt a different shot. If the 2nd golfer misses the green then that golfer gets a letter ( “H” ) in the word HORSE. If the 1 st golfer misses the green then it’s the 2nd golfers turn to pick the shot. This process goes on until one golfer gets an “E”.

Par 3 Course

# of Players: Any

Number of Holes: 18

How to Play:

Watch the following video from my Youtube Channel

Battle Golf

# of Players: 2

Number of Holes: 3 Holes

How to Play:

In this challenge you will be playing 3 holes and picking your opponents club for each shot. Once you pick a club for your opponent you cant pick that club again so choose wisely. This will test your game to the fullest. Flip a coin to see who hits first and play 3 holes. Lowest score at the end wins.

Three Club Challenge

# of Players: Any

Number of Holes: 18

How to Play:

This golf challenge you can do by yourself or can compete against others. In this challenge you will pick a course on Optishot and then need to pick 3 clubs you will use for the entire round (putter does not count as a club in my version of this game because I don’t want to putt with an iron). You will then play 18 holes keep track of your score. This will really help you improve your shot making.

Start at hole one and play using only those three clubs. Try to break 40 on 9 holes.

Golf Challenges Using A Golf Simulator

These games are not only fun but will truly test your swing and your ability to hit the ball. You will need creativity, patience and smarts to win at any of the 5 golf challenges above. All these can be played on your Optishot or any golf simulator.

If you don’t have a golf simulator yet, please check out my Golf Simulator Comparison Guide or check out the simulator packages at Rain or Shine Golf.

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