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Golf is NOT a seasonal sport…if you want to be a good golfer and improve, you must play during those miserable winter months. Owning a golf simulator such as the Optishot or Skytrak is a start but you also must know how to improve. You must find a good golf training program that allows you the flexibility to get better 365 days a year. More and more golfers are turning to an online golf training program that they can use at home. Here are three of the most popular golf training programs. Pick the one that fits your game and start your journey to better golf.

Golf Training Program

1. Tathata Golf Training Program

Website: Tathata Golf


Tathata is a complete online golf training program that focuses on a combination of Martial Arts training and movements of the top athletes in the world. It stresses the importance of mind, body and swing. Each course builds upon previous courses to make for a full 60 day training. The training program is flexible enough to do anywhere you want so it makes for great winter training.

You can read my full review of this golf training program HERE.


Bryan Hepler

  1. Trained with Ben Doyle

  2. Head of over 200 meditation centers

  3. Trained with Mac O’Grady

  4. Trained with Shibata Sinsei


  1. Unlimited access to courses, 60 day plan, library of videos and tv shows

  2. Train anywhere

  3. 60 Day Courses include: Energy, Body Movement, Club Movement, Short Game, Putting, Take it to the Course

  4. Other Courses: Uneven Lies, Mind Training and Trajectory


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2. Top Speed Golf

Website: Top Speed Golf


Top Speed Golf is a step by step course on how to develop power in the golf swing. Adding distance to your game is the key to this golf training program. This program focuses on 5 simple moves that all great golfers have in their swing. Watch easy to understand videos on hundreds of different topics. If distance and power is what you are looking for then this training system is for you.


Clay Ballard

  1. Division I Golfer and Mini Tour

  2. Certified FlightScope Professional

  3. Swing Catalyst Certified

  4. T.P.I. Certified

  5. Minus 4 Handicap


  1. Top Speed Courses: Stable/Fluid Spine, Power Turn, Lag, Compression Line, Release

  2. Other Courses: Wedge System, Chipping, Putting System

  3. Free and Paid Membership

  4. Ability to Track Progress


3. Rotary Swing Golf

Website: Rotary Swing 


The Rotary Swing Golf Training Program emphasizes the physics and biomechanics of the swing. The focus is on sequencing along with club path and plane. The program tries to simplify the swing using research from the medical field. Learn how to move your body powerfully and consistently. Besides the hundreds of videos, Rotary Swing also has swing reviews and has instructors that will analyze your personal swing.


Chuck Quinton


  1. Over 350 Online Videos

  2. Analysis of Pro Golfer Swings

  3. Swing “Fixes”

  4. hierarchy of Learning – Step by Step


If improving your golf game is as important to you as it is to me then you will want to make sure to keep your golf game solid all year-long. A good golf training program is a must for the golfer who wants to get better. All three of these online training programs can help you take your golf game to the next level. Sign up for one today…and join the journey to great golf.

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