The Perfect Swing Sequence For My Golf Game: Soren Kjeldsen My Doppelganger

The hit TV show How I Met Your Mother made famous for me the term Doppelganger; a person who resembles another. The five characters in the show randomly come across their look-a-likes throughout the series. Well, I just recently came across my Doppleganger while searching for the perfect swing sequence to follow. Now, he does not look like me (he is much better looking) nor does he hit the ball like me (he is on the PGA Tour) but he is someone I do feel I could pattern my swing sequence after. He is about the same height (5’8) and weight (165 lbs) as me and has the classical swing I am looking for…So Soren Kjeldsen….you are my swing sequence doppelganger.

Soren Kjeldsen


PGA Profile

I think it is important when trying to improve your swing sequence to have a visual image in your mind of what you want to look like. This is the first step in getting better.  The key though is to make sure the visual is realistic and fits your current body type and swing. For example, I am never going to be able to swing like Tiger Woods or Dustin Johnson because I am not over 6 feet tall (I’m about 5’8). They have a different body type than I do that they can use to their advantage. I need to find other ways to get an advantage and find a swing that I feel I may be able to replicate. That is why I chose Soren Kjeldsen. He has a very unique classic swing sequence that I love.

Full Sequence Of Swing

Similarities Age4146 Height5'85'8 Weight165180 Turned Pro19951995 Became a Teacher/Coach StanceClosedClosed SwingFlatFlat PlaneOneOne Go To ShotControlled DrawDraw Interesting Fact #1Ran a MarathonRan 1/26th of a Marathon Interesting Fact #2Won Golf Tournament In EuropeWon Basketball Tournament In Europe

What I Like


Kjeldsen a four time winner on the European Tour has a very consistent with his swing. I think that is one of the most important aspects that really attracts me to his golf swing. Check out some of his 2017 PGA Tour Stats:

13th – Driving Accuracy (69%)

18th – Approach Shots From under 200 yards

4th – Approach Shots From 125 – 150 yards

1st – Scrambling From Under 10 yards (100%)

1st – Putts From 3 Feet (100%)

In high pressured PGA situations, Kjeldsen hits the ball in the fairway 69 percent of the time and then is one of the best at hitting it close with his approach shots. If his approach does somehow miss the green then he is the absolute best at scrambling and does not miss that dreaded 3 foot putt. All signs of great consistency and cornerstones of great golf play. If I can do those things even remotely close to Kjeldsen on my rounds, I will surely break 80.


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I love Kjeldsen’s setup to the ball. Notice the shoulder tilt at address where the right shoulder is lower than the right. A proper shoulder tilt has many benefits:

  1. Simplifies the swing

  2. Helps load up on the back foot for more power

  3. Shifting weight is easier

  4. Shallows out the swing

  5. Puts less strain on lower back

For me all these things are super important for my swing to be consistent. Keeping things simple and still being able to get more power is going to be key to me breaking 80. In addition, I like the shallow swing as I believe it makes it easier to get the club on plane. Best of all though it will help me play longer as I already have some back pain. Modeling Kjeldsen’s setup is a perfect way start my swing sequence.


The takeaway of Soren Kjeldsen is what I try to accomplish in my first move. His left wrist is flat and his right elbow is tight to his body. His clubface is square to the toe line and his head is still. Furthermore, his stance is closed slightly which I have tried to incorporate into my swing.

Swing Plane

This is the favorite part of Kjeldsen’s swing sequence…the one plane swing. His left arm is even with shoulder plane. This simplifies the swing and keeps everything on plane so it is easier to repeat. The cost may be in swing speed and distance but as you can see from the stats above it helps him with accuracy. I feel the average golfer benefits from a one plane swing because they do not have to reroute the club.  You may also notice that his left arm is not straight but has a nice bend to it. I love this because I lack flexibility in my arms and shoulders and have a hard time straightening my left arm completely. I now know that is is possible to play good, consistent golf with a bend left arm.

Controlled Draw

Another feature of Soren Kjeldsen’s swing that I want to copy is his controlled draw. I am working on hitting a controlled draw (not with much success) and feel that it is a great “go to shot”.


Soren Kjeldsen’s golf swing sequence is perfect for my game. He has a solid setup with great tilt, he has a tight one piece takeaway, a flat backswing and a controlled draw. His golf swing is simple and repeatable. So, Soren Kjeldsen, I officially make you my swing sequence doppleganger.

Cool Soren Kjeldsen Video


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