Today’s Aha Moment! The Inside Swing Path Is About Being “IN”

Learn something new everyday! Find that daily “Aha Moment” that helps to make sense of the very complex. That is what I strive to do everyday with my golf swing. The golf swing is very complex and so I try to find something simple that makes me go “Aha!!!” Today, I had that “Aha Moment” as I was searching for help with my inside swing path.

Aha Moment #1

“It is NOT about swinging out as it is about BEING IN”

Backswing – Inside Swing Path

This really sounds simple but for some reason it hit home with me. Two videos that I came across really put the inside out swing in perspective and helped me visualize what is suppose to happen in my golf swing.

The first video is only 77 seconds but really made sense to me. Jim Venetoes describes how to get that inside path in a very different way. He explains that most golfers like myself have always tried to swing out at the ball. In reality we should be thinking about being “In” and shallow on our swing. If we are shallow or “In”on our path, the club has nowhere to go but out. That really made sense to me. Its about being “In” with our shoulders turned on the backswing. This idea gave me a great understanding of how to get my swing path inside out.

Video #1

Downswing – Right Arm Secret

The second video helped me to understand the idea of being “In” on the downswing. Teaching pro Zach Allen talks about how on all great swings the right arm is attached to the body. Furthermore, the body and club just rotate into impact and only separate after impact. This really produces that inside swing path. From what I’ve read, Ben Hogan talked about this concept of the right arm tight to the body and rotating into the downswing. The torso and right arm should control the release. I need to find that attachment in my swing.

The other thing I thought interesting about Zach’s video was when he showed the right arm at impact and how it was not straight but was actually bent. I never noticed that. This really illustrated the inside path and how important it is to stay “IN” and tight on the downswing. He even demonstrates a great drill to keep your right arm tight to the body by using a belt. Having the feeling that your right arm is attached to your body is something I know I can work on.

Video #2