Zepp 2 Review 2020

The Zepp 2 Golf Swing Analyzer is my new toy for 2020. I had to do a Zepp 2 review for 2020. For the past 2 years I have been on a quest to consistently break 80 on the golf course. The Zepp 2 is the answer...I hope! My Optishot golf simulator has transformed my golf game from a mid 15 handicapper to an 8 handicapper. Now I need the next step. I can hit a draw, I can make solid contact but I just don't hit it long or accurate enough to break 80. The Optishot tells me my club angle and swing path but does not improve my swing mechanics. That is where the Zepp 2 comes in...it is my own personal swing trainer...I HOPE! Here is how it went...my Zepp 2 Review for 2020.


What is the Zepp 2?

The Zepp 2 is a swing analyzer that attaches to your golf glove and captures swing metrics and data to improve your golf swing. As you swing the club it tracks a wide variety of important data and sends it to the Zepp app on you phone. From there it will track your swing progress, analyze your strength and weaknesses and give you drills to work on. You can even video your swing and record your on-course rounds of golf. The feedback it gives is color coded for easy analysis and the Zepp gives each swing and session a score. All your swings and scores are stored so you can track your progress.


In this Zepp 2 review I want to discuss some of the great features that can help your golf swing. From data to video to training it tries to cover it all. Here are a few of the important features:

Swing Analysis and Score

- Get a score for every swing you take

Training Center

- Improve your swing through drills

Instant Analysis

- Test your swing and get drills to improve it.

Daily Reports

- Track and see your daily progress

Video Capture

- Video your swing for extra improvement

Scorecard for On Course

- Track your real course scores and stats

Overall Swing Statistics

- See your best swings, percentage improvement and more

Share Feed

- Share your best swings and scores with friends

You can see all the features HERE

Zepp 2 Review - Measured Swing Metrics

For each metric that the Zepp measures it gives you a target goal that you should try for in each swing. Each swing is then colored coded based on how close you got to that goal.

Club Speed

Measures how fast your club head is traveling at the point it impacts the golf ball. This is the stat for hitting it long.

Club Plane

Measures relative distance of your club head on the downswing to the backswing (%). If you see a negative (-) number then your club on the downswing is under the backswing. A positive (+) number, the club head on the downswing is over the backswing. Your goal should be 0% as most pros are under club plane.

Hand Plane

Measures the relationship of your hand plane on the downswing to the backswing. Goal is 0% like Club Plane.


Is the ratio of the measurement in time in seconds it takes to make a backswing versus the measured rate of time in seconds it takes to make a downswing until impact. The goal is to achieve a 3 to 1 ratio. Too fast a tempo can impact your ball striking.

Backswing Length

One of my major issues in my swing. This is the measurement in degrees (°) that the angle of the club shaft rotates between addressing the ball and the top of backswing. At address, the club is at zero (0) degrees. At the top of the swing it is ideally 270°. Increasing your backswing length will help increase your distance.

Hip Rotation

By putting your phone in your pocket, the Zepp can read your hip rotation. Hip rotation is the degrees (°) you rotate your hips on the backswing and then the degrees of rotation at impact as you swing through the ball. Pros have an average hip rotation of 45° closed to the target at the top of their backswing and then at impact they rotate their hips to an average of 42° open (facing the target).

Hand Rotation

Measures how fast your hands are traveling at the point the club impacts the golf ball in miles per hour (MPH).

How I use the Metrics

The way that I use the Zepp may be different than most. I do like to focus on overall swing score but I think the Zepp is more powerful by pointing out the flaws in your swing that keep you from being a consistent shot maker.

Here is how I use the metrics:

After hitting a bunch of balls with the Zepp and taking a look at my scores, I like to focus on one swing metric that I am not doing well at and work solely on that metric. For example...after 400 swings using the Zepp, I found that two metrics stuck out as being below average (backswing length and club plane).

I chose to focus on club plane because I felt it would not only help my distance but would also help my accuracy and ball striking.

I then did a few of the drills from the Zepp Training Center and some drills I found online:

Tennis Ball Drill

Two Club Drill

Zepp Review - My Practice

Tennis Ball Drill (using golf balls)

Doing these drills I focused on getting my right elbow to my right hip as I shifted my left side toward the target. I wanted to make sure my right elbow led the way and that on my takeaway the club was OUTSIDE my hands. With these few thoughts and a day of practice here is the change in my Zepp club plane stats:

Zepp Club Plane - Day 1

Zepp Club Plane - Day 2 (after practice drills)

As you can see, the Zepp 2 helped me focus on an aspect of my swing that needed work and through the proper drills, I was able to shallow my downswing from an average of 15% over plane to 4% over plane. Do I still need to work on lowering it more...yes...do I still need to work on the length of my backswing...yes but this is a positive step in lowering my golf scores.


Swing Score

The swing score is a score you get based on the whole swing and all the metrics combined. This score keeps me motivated to keep swinging. I look to improve my score every swing and I become competitive with myself. It is what makes Zepp so addicting.

Tracking Progress

The Zepp keeps track of every swing and breaks them down into easy to read tables. It also tells you if you have been improving from your last session. Being able to track your progress from swing to swing and day to day is very rewarding. You can try new things with your swing and see if they work. You can pick out your best swings and try to repeat them. You can visually see your progress in your daily reports (Zepp tells you if your metrics are up or down from the previous day).

Instant Swing Analysis (The Test)

This is what I like to call the "test" of your skills. You can do a 3 or 10 swing instant analysis and Zepp will tell you if your score and if you improved from the last test. I use this to see if a swing change is working or if I need to scrap it. You can see your metrics from each swing in the test and compare it to other days tests. Great feature!

Training Center

The training center in the Zepp is full of drills for improving your game. Focus on a specific part of your game and practice those drills. Cure your slice, fix a hook, get more distance, it is all there.


After you have recorded a bunch of swings the Zepp will give you special insights into your swing. It will recommend things to work on and give you drills to use. This is pretty cool as it is like a personal trainer who has watched you swing hundreds of times and suggests how to get better.

Color Coded

I love that all the scores and metrics are color coded to your goal. This makes seeing your strengths and weaknesses easy. We love colors and the Zepp uses it well.


One thing I don't want to forget in this Zepp 2 review, is that you can use it with or WITHOUT a ball. Easy to use in your living room, front yard or garage. The Zepp pairs really well with the Optishot golf simulator as it also does not need a ball to use. The Zepp is perfect for any level golfer.


At first I thought that it was a little steep but after using it I would say I was dead wrong. This device does so much and is essential to improving your swing that it is a steal at around $150. Pair it with the Optishot at around $300 and you have a whole golf simulator and training center (lessons included) for under $500.


Getting Started

The difficult part with the Zepp is getting started using it, especially if you are a Android user. I had a very difficult time finding the app on the Google Play store and had to email support to get a link to download it. Once I got the link and downloaded the app everything went smoothly from there.

On Course Mode

I have not used this mode and probably won't. I don't see a need for it as I have chosen to use a Garmin watch instead. I don't like having my phone on the golf course. Here is one golfers experience with the Zepp on the course:

Training Videos

This is a minor con for me, sometimes the links to the training videos have a hard time loading. It could be my phone, wifi or something else but it does frustrate me sometimes.

Zepp 2 Review - Overall

The Zepp swing analyzer is one of the best golf purchases I have made in the last year. I was hesitant at first but once I was able to download the app I was hooked. The amount of features you get for the price is amazing. The Zepp becomes your own personal trainer. The Zepp score gives you something to shoot at and help makes hitting golf balls competitive. Having the ability to track my progress, find my weaknesses and then go for improvement is awesome. I look forward to trying out new techniques with my swing and then testing them out in the instant analysis. I feel like I can get better at home (I don't even need to hit a ball) and have the scores as proof.


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